Awesome DIY Ring Boxes

Stop being simple, stop being part of the crowd for a moment, differentiate yourself with something original and memorable.

The images and designs showcased below are just fuel for your creativity, they are here to feed your imagination, as a seed for your creativity. Feel free to experiment and contact us with your result, we would be delighted to add your idea in this small guide.

1. Zipping macaron ring box

Craft Passion

2. Mechanical ring box with cogs and a key


3. Vintage inspired DIY velvet ring box

Wedding Bee

4. Wooden ring box with a wooden hinge


5. Swivel-top branch section ring box


6. Spiralled paper roses ring box


7. Birch log ring box


8. Terrarium ring box

Crafts Unleashed

9. Stained wood and moss ring box

Wedding Bee

10. DIY jewelry box for many rings

A Bubbly Life

11. Rustic seaside ring box

Whisker Kisses Designs

12. Origami ring box

Paper Kawaii

13. Skinny wooden and magnetic ring box

 Winston Moy

14. Bedazzled plastic egg ring box

Crafty Prapty

15. Seashell ring box

Paul Pape Designs

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