Awesome Recipes Made With Cumin

Whether you’re using ground cumin or you crush cumin seeds yourself, the spice is very aromatic and a little goes a long way. We’re in favor of using as much cumin as you want, however, even if the recipe calls for just a pinch.

1. Sauteed cabbage with cumin seeds and turmeric

Food & Wine

2. Cumin chicken and pumpkin with warm chickpea salsa


3. Roast pork and cumin sauce with vegetable fried rice

Blue Apron

4. Easy cumin lamb

Pinch and Swirl

5. Tandoori chicken and cumin


6. Tandoori chicken with cumin raita


7. Smashed cucumbers with cumin tahini

NY Times Cooking

8. Honey and cumin roasted carrots with ricotta

Foodie Girl Chicago

9. Green beans with garlic and cumin


10. Sweet potato hummus with cumin flatbread chips

Spoon Fork Bacon

11. Cumin spiced beef lettuce wraps

Paleo Flourish

12. Roasted cumin cashews

Taste of Home

13. Cumin and paprika chicken drumsticks

Paleo Leap!

14. Butternut squash pilaf with cumin, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon

Vegan Richa

15. Grilled zucchini and summer squash with yoghurt cumin sauce

Gourmande in The Kitchen

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