Awesome Sock Snowmen Tutorial

Check out these surprisingly simple steps for making your very own rice-filled snowman, complete with cute buttons and a winter hat, from your old socks!

Step 1

Gather your supplies. You’ll need:

Super glue
One large sock
Sewing pins
Small buttons
Scrap fabric
White thread
1 kg of rice
Roll of duct tape


Step 2

Cut the sock in two just below the heel by a few inches and set the half with the toe aside.


Step 3

Turn the sock inside out.


Step 4

Tie the cute end of the sock closed very tightly with a piece of white thread.


Step 5


Step 6

Pull the sock through the middle of the roll of duct tape and roll the edges over so the sock opens like a funnel.


Step 7

Fill your sock with rice. The more rice you add, the more bumpy your snowman will be so that it looks like packed snow. Remember not to over fill! You still need to be able to close it.


Step 8

Before you close the top, stand the sock so the tied part is on the bottom and carefully shape a head by shaping and pinching the sock a few inches below the opening.


Step 9

Tie the top of the sock closed with another piece of white thread, knitting it tightly.


Step 10

Where you shaped the “neck” earlier to mark the size of your snowman’s head, tie another thread. Pull as tightly as your rice will allow and knot the thread so the rice doesn’t slip through and make your snowman’s head shrink.


Step 11

Cut some scrap fabric and tie it around your snowman’s neck as a scarf.


Step 12

Fold the cut edge of your sock’s toe (or the toe of another coloured or patterned sock) upward a few times like a hat cuff.


Step 13

Place the folded sock toe on your snowman’s head like a little toque.


Step 14

Glue buttons down the front of your snowman’s tummy for some cute detail.


Step 15

Give your snowman a face using markers, fabric paint, or sewing pins with coloured ends!


Have you made other versions of the sock snowmen and you loved how they turned out? Did you follow this tutorial and create a cute little troupe? Link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

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