Awesome Trendy Crafts Made With Sequins

Check out these amazing DIY projects that are perfect for anyone with an appreciation for things that shine!

1. Sequin phrase sweatshirt

A Beautiful Mess

2. DIY reverse message sequin pillow

The DIY Village

3. DIY sequinned mermaid sensory bracelet

Chica and Jo

4. DIY colour changing sequin notebook

Karen Kavett

5. Sequinned elbow patches for sweaters

See Kate Sew

6. Sequinned colour ombre notebook

Alyssa and Carla.

7. Sequinned heart coaster

Craft Klatch

8. Colour changing sequin heart tote bag

Karen Kavett

9. Sequinned heart marquee

Sugar and Cloth

10. Sequinned quote bag

Studio DIY.

11. Sequinned raglan trim sweater


12. DIY sequinned hangers


13. No-sew sequinned camera strap

Sugar and Cloth

14. Sequinned chevron wall art

Live, Love, DIY!

15. DIY sequin lollipop sweatshirt

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