Awesome Wedding Decoration Ideas

Find wedding decoration inspiration for every part of “I do” day by following these 25 creative ideas.


Initial or Number Firewood. Display initials or numbers carved firewood pieces around flower vases for a playful and rustic look to garnish your wedding party and set up the tone.source


Giant Balloon Decor. Balloons are seen everywhere as decorations in various parties. Garnish your outdoor wedding with these giant balloons and add bright colorful paper tassels to the strings for your festive wedding event.source


Lantern Illuminating Wedding. If your wedding receptions happen to take place outdoors in the evening, it’s fantastic to display lines of lanterns to illuminate your wedding party as well as create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.source


Decorative Mural. It’s fantastic to decorate your wedding reception with this stunning love board mural. Cut a love word and post on the board, lock in a nail with two sides, remove the word and use colorful rope as you like to wrap around the nails.source


Tiny Terrarium. At wedding receptions, guests may not know where to sit. Direct guests where to sit with this identifiable tiny terrariums for decorative place card application.source


Mini Disco Ball Place Cards. Many of us are boring about ordinary place card. Replace it with these mini disco ball place cards for stunning decoration effect as well as practical seat guidance application. It’s super chic to plant your succulent or place air plants inside for fresh flavor.source


Drawer Knob Place Cards. If plants aren’t your cup of tea, create this funny place holder with recycled drawer knobs for your glamorous wedding party decoration. Glue dowels together and stick into the knob. Place colorful flag tags with guests’ names written.source


Wax Paper Backdrop. This simple yet elegant pure white wax paper backdrop will garnish your wedding reception without taking attention away from the couple. You only take little costs to finish off your well-refined wedding backdrop with string, ribbon and paper.source


Hanging Mason Jar Flower Vases. If your wedding ceremony happens to be an outdoor garden setting, try to bring in more colors and personalized design with this hanging mason jars with frog lids to hold flowers. All you need is metal hardware cloth, coiled wire, wire cutters, permanent marker, and medium for hanging jars as well as scrap paper or drop cloth for protection.source


Wedding Chair Decor. It’s perfect to give your wedding chairs a wedding chicks style look with ombre coral combination. Strip sideways and rotate the ribbon to create the center fringe down effect.source


DIY Groom’s Boutonniere. Select flowers and foliage to use in your boutonniere. Cover the stem part with floral wire and balance your floral arrangement with floral clippers. Finish it off with ribbon decorations.source


Beautiful Floral Crown. Create such a beautiful floral crown for your beautiful hair dressing for your wedding photography. The most important is that it is made of silk flowers and can be kept forever and you could prepare it beforehand.source


Gold Glittering Dipped Feathers. String gold and glittering dipped feathers around to decorate your wedding ceremony for a pretty, romantic as well as ethereal feel.source


Glittering Letters Floral Garland. Add two coats of spray paint on letters, cover them with polka dot coat as well. Glue beautiful flowers for its pretty outlook. Display your wedding reception with this glittering letters floral garland to impress your guests with a romantic look.source


Colorful Paper Wedding Garland. For beautiful backdrop decorations with low cost, you can try this easy made garland using oversize paper punch to make cutouts in shapes as you like. String them through to get your wedding reception dolled up with this beautiful backdrop.source


Ice Bowl Wedding Decor. This adorable ice bowl decor works perfectly for rustic wedding decor. Take two bowls of similar shape with different sizes. Pour in water and stick in flowers or greenery for beautiful decor. Display in your fridge.source


Modern Topiaries. Replace flowers with this light bulb topiary arrangement for your wedding reception. This will definitely catch all your guests’ attention and make your wedding event spectacular.source


DIY Vellum Paper Mobiles. Use vellum paper and a sewing machine to hang some mobiles for a playful decor detail. This colorful hanging art piece will be bound to impress your wedding ceremony.source


Wheatgrass Centerpiece. Create a rustic wedding style for fresh decor style with this growing wheatgrass used for place settings or centerpieces. Embrace your wedding ceremony with this pop of green in modern decoration style.source


Floral Wedding Canopy. This enchanting canopy is super chic for a sand beach wedding with flowers limited to the top of your canopy for a romantic setup.source


Orchid Archway. Nothing gets more ethereal than this orchid-covered archway for your outdoor wedding decor. It seems as if the petals are magically floating in thin air. source


Beaded Curtain. This stunning beaded curtain will bring you to the fairyland. It’s super chic to hang up such a beaded curtain for your wedding ceremony where you’ll say I do.source


Colorful Yarn Backdrop. This glamorous backdrop decor will make a perfect starting point for your wedding ceremony. The yarn strung across your sweet table with the love word tied into it creates a sweet festive flavor.source


Lavender and Tulle Chairbacks. Tie lengths of ethereal tulle to the back of your chairs and attach colorful flowers such as lavender to match your wedding theme. I really adore this chair decoration for its romantic and dreamy style for wedding ceremony.source


Paper Doilies and Twine Table Settings. Wrap utensil in pretty paper doilies and tie with twine to finish off your wedding ceremony with simple yet elegant table setting. source

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