Chocolate Strawberry Shots

To pull this cookery trick off, you will need to read carefully and remember to use as big strawberries as you can find.

Here is what you have to do and have:
• strawberries;
• paring knife;
• chocolate;
• grapefruit spoon;
• (optional) whipped cream;

First, cut off the point of the strawberry so it will make them stand on their own. Meanwhile melt some chocolate. Then, hull out each strawberry with the help of a paring knife. You could use a grapefruit spoon for this as well. But make sure you don’t cut too much out, because you have no need for a thin wall of strawberry – they will break in no time. Now, before gently pouring in the chocolate, remember to pat strawberries dry. You can use the chocolate to make a little base for the strawberries, just like in the images, little trick that will give them even more stability. Next, put the fresh `shots` in the freezer to make them sturdier. You can use a knife to remove any irregular excess off your strawberry shots. And one might put a bit of whipped cream on top to add extra flavor. Let them settle at room temperature before digging in. Enjoy!


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