Christmas Dinner Table Setting Inspiration

Christmas and baking go hand in hand and gingerbread is a must presence in each home each year. Prepare tiny gingerbread homes for each guest and use a ribbon to tie them from the napkins on each plate. Such a delicious treat will be very much appreciated by everyone, especially little ones.



use a SCANDINAVIAN inspired theme for the table setting

The Scandinavian style is all about comfort, coziness and warmth, suitable for the winter holidays.The mixture of grey white and gold touches can transform any decor, use this combination in your Christmas table setting this year and invite everyone to feel comfortable in your home.


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let cinnamon sticks fill the air with their scent

Cinnamon, spice and everything nice defines Christmas. Replace the classical napkin ring with cinnamon sticks that will fill the warm air of the dinning room with their incredible smell. A touch of red was added for contrast, you can even use pine-cone branches for a far more complex scent.



PERSONALIZE each plate with name tags

It is quite difficult to arrange a Christmas table, especially when it comes to a large family. To avoid any confusion create personalized name tags for each plate. You can use plain cardboard and white paint to create a design Christmas related. Then use a sharpie to hand write the designated name.



use a wreath over the dinner table

Lighting is crucial for setting the right atmosphere on Christmas eve. Transform the chandelier hanging above the dinning room table by dressing it up in a Christmas wreath. You can then add delicate hanging decorations to complete the image.



keep things in the white and green color scheme

If a chandelier is lacking from your picture, a simple pine-cone wreath can be hung above the table. Place it low enough to be appreciated but not to low to get in the away of over the table conversations. You can even add string lights for a softer ambiance.



use a large tree branch decorated with ornaments over the dinner table

Another wonderful option is using a large pine-cone branch which can be decorated accordingly. Make sure you secure the branch properly in place to avoid a Christmas dinner disaster.



add a delicate centerpiece to your table

Each table deserves a centerpiece, especially on Christmas. Keep things simple by using candles and paper bags filled with greenery for a wonderful contrast and scent.Tiny white stars decorations have been added to complete the picture.



use cranberries to form small bold DECORATIONS

Cranberries on Christmas is a must tradition we all love, especially in the form of cranberry sauce. This year use them to form tiny garlands placed on each napkin, the effect will be incredible, especially if you opt for neutral cloth napkins.



transform popcorn into EDIBLE christmas trees

It is essential to allow your creativity to shine on Christmas, try your best to make your home more cozy and inviting for your family and guests. Edible popcorn Christmas trees can be created and placed on the dinner table as a cute delicious snack. You can use chocolate or caramel sauce to hold the popcorn in shape.



decorate the plates with rosemary tiny wreaths

Rosemary has one of the most wonderful scents when it comes to herbs. You can use rosemary branches to form garlands and place them on the white dinner plate set, keeping up with an all white and green color scheme.



allow candle light to set the mood of the Christmas Dinner Table Setting

The dinning room table is not the only one who deserves decorations on Christmas. Use candles to fill the air with incredible scents and to light each available space.



designate a corner for christmas presents

As offering presents on Christmas has become a tradition, you could think ahead and arrange a special corner in the room designated to gifts and treats.



use multiple candles to form a delicate centerpiece

Candle light has the ability of transforming a room’s ambiance with ease, reason for which using candles to form an elegant centerpiece for the Christmas dinner table seems like a proper idea, place them in a golden tray and use branches to decorate the sides.



infuse orange scents into the decor

Cinnamon, gingerbread and oranges are the scents that come to mind when we think about Christmas. Fill oranges with cloves and use them as decorative pieces on your centerpiece.



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