Cool DIY Backpacks

Check out these great DIY backpacks that are simple to make if you have some basic sewing knowledge.

1. Denim scraps backpack

Salute to Cute

2. One eyed monster backpack

Lia Griffith

3. Fluffy monster backpack


4. Fuzzy bunny backpack

Sew Much Ado.

5.  Simple canvas backpack

Adam Atkins

6. Simple drawstring backpack

Alice and Lois

7. Quilted kawaii backpack


8. Wide top backpack

Trash to Couture.

9. Fabric flap backpack with a pocket

 DIY Tutorials Collection

10. Sling backpack with angled pockets

Some Scoundrel

11. Interior pattern backpack


12. Backpack from old jeans

 DIY Crafts TV

13. Custom backpack pocket addition

Ken Andrew Daily.

14. Easy drawstring backpack with a flap


15. Raffia crocheted backpack

Inspiration & Realization

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