Cool DIY Projects for Teen Boys

Explode some chalk, learn how to make all kinds of cool shooting things, craft with paper to decorate your room and make some ultra cool but easy science experiments.

1. Ship in a Bottle


This project is an old one, but there is a reason you still see these around. Learn how to make a ship in a bottle and also end up with a collectible masterpiece and a craft you can be proud of. Perfect for older teen boys or younger children with adult assistance, start this one on a rainy weekend and have some fun choosing what kind of ship you will make.

2. Duck Call

All For The Boys

I am not sure this little nifty DIY needs any explanation at all. Wow your friends and annoy your sister with this super easy DIY bird call that conveniently fits in you back pocket. All necessary supplies can be found at your local fast food restaurant. Get extra!

3. Glowing Rubber Egg

DIY Projects For Teens

I think boys might just love all things that glow in the dark. I never get tired of glow in the dark play, and this fabulous rubber egg is easy to make, fun to play with, and awesome when you turn the lights out. Guys and girls alike are sure to  love this fun and easy DIY idea.

4. Baseball Bracelet

I Can Find The Time

This DIY bracelet is unbelievably creative and super cool looking. I bet you will be wearing the only one you ever see once you make this awesome tied wristband with n old baseball. Pick one up a thrift store if you don’t have one, because this bracelet is a must try DIY for teen boys. Pick up several baseballs, in fact, as this project is a great DIY craft project to make and sell.

5. Splash Bomb Catapult

Frugal Fun For Boys

6. Glowing Bounce balls

Growing A Jeweled Rose

7. Dry Ice Bubbles

Not Just Cute

8. Action Figure Lamp


9. Balloon iPhone Casing


10. Rocket Stove

Prepared Housewives

11. Cloud Light

DIY Projects For Teens

12. Cheapest iPhone Speakers Ever


13. Skateboard Shelf

Jenna Burger

14. Make Gummy Lego Candy

DIY Projects For Teens

15. DIY Blacklight

16. Mini Bow and Arrow

DIY Projects For Teens

17. Tin Can iPhone Tripod Mount

18. DIY Origami Ninja Stars

DIY Projects For Teens

19. Craft Stick Mousetrap


20. 3 D Origami Paper Sculpture

DIY Projects For Teens

21. Exploding Chalk Rockets

Growing A Jeweled Rose

22. Edible Water Bottle

DIY Projects For Teens

23. Duct Tape Batman Mask

24. Glow in the Dark Jello


25. Magnetic Silly Putty

DIY Projects for Teens

26. Glowing Mountain Dew


27. Fried Marbles

28. Bottle Rocket

Science Sparks

29. Hammock Chair

Designer Trapped

30. Duct Tape Mason Jar Superhero Banks


31. Paper Gun that Shoots

DIY Projects For Teens

32. Edible Slime

33. Homemade Wendy’s Frosty

DIY Projects for Teens

34. DIY Duct Tape Hammock Tutorial

35. DIY Soda Can Chains

36. The Easiest DIY For Bored Teens

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