Cool Homemade Kindle Cases

Don’t hesitate to try one of these projects. The result might impress you and it will definitely save you some money.

1. Fabric Scrap Kindle Case 

Cut Out + Keep.

2. Repurposed Shirt Kindle Case

Catch up with Kaitlin.

3. Pocket Kindle Case 

While They Snooze

4. Multi-Functional Kindle Case 

Whistlepig Creek Productions Blog

5. Simplistic Neutral Kindle Case 

Design Waffle

6. Button Kindle Case 

Stitched by Crystal

7. Crochet Kindle Case 

In the Loop

8. Kindle Case with Elastic 

Comfy Crafter

9. Vintage Floral Kindle Case 

Elemental Carbon

10. Repurposed Book Kindle Case 


11. Minimalist Kindle Case 


12. Old-Fashioned Kindle Case 

Creative Home Expressions

13. Kindle Case and Stand 

Wrapped Up in Rainbows

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