Cool Lightweight Knit Sweater Patterns

These knit sweater patterns, especially the cotton sweater knitting patterns, will have you addicted to big projects by the time you’re ready to cast off.

1. Honeybee Cardigan


2. Banff oversized cardigan

The Blue Mouse!

3. Mountain Everlasting Sweater

 Little Theorem

4. Mercy Cardigan

DROPS Designs

5. Le Sacre Bleu Cardigan

La Maison Rililie

6. Leaf Lace Cardigan


7. Vintage Cotton Cardigan


8. Estuary Two Toned Cardigan

Knitting Bee

9. Marlon Cardigan

La Maison Rililie .

10. Knit Ribbed Cardigan

Knitting Bee

11. Peggy Sue Cardigan

Love Knitting

12. Camille Cardigan


13. Gaia Cardigan

 Annie’s Catalog

14. Queen’s Park Cardigan

Little Theorem

15. Fleur Cardigan

Annie’s Catalog

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