Cool Upgrades To Add Value To Your Home

We’ve assembled some of the best and easiest ways to add value to your home through DIY. So whether you’re trying to sell your home for more or fixing up your dated current home, you’re sure to find projects that will boost your home’s appeal.

From guides to making over entire vanities to smaller details like wainscoting or switching out hardware, there’s something for every homeowner to try!

So get ready to DIY!

Bathroom Vanity Makeover – Honey oak is pretty, but if it doesn’t match your style, you won’t like it. Try re-staining or painting vanity to make it new again!

DIY Stainless Steel Appliance Makeover – Black appliances don’t always go with everything. If you’re looking to get that high-end upgrade look without spending the major cash for stainless steel, try using contact paper!

DIY IKEA Built-Ins – Built-ins are classic and elegant, but unfortunately no longer seen in most modern homes. Fortunately, you can easily add your own to a room, using IKEA bookcases!

Add An Accent Ceiling – Accent ceilings are the new accent walls! Add paint or molding to get a custom ceiling that looks way more expensive than it was!

Add Feet To A Bathroom Vanity – This is a detail that you shouldn’t miss just because it’s small! You can buy carved feet and attach them to any builder’s grade cabinet to dress them up!

DIY Canned Food Cabinet Tutorial – This clever storage solution allows you to keep your cans organized and easy to get to, without crawling inside a lazy susan.

Paint Old Vinyl Floors – If you don’t have the budget to replace vinyl with something nicer, you can always paint it to get the style you want!

Replace Old Hardware – You wouldn’t believe how new hardware can change the look of a piece. Whether you pick something classic or something funkier, you’re sure to see the difference.

DIY Dutch Door – These doors are the perfect, classy solution to needing to keep pets or children out of certain rooms. They look great and open just like a regular door, so they’re not a tripping hazard like a baby gate.

DIY Wainscoting – Wainscoting is another elegant detail that instantly dresses up a formal room and adds visual interest. Best of all, you don’t need power tools for this DIY!

Update Vent Covers With Paint – It’s really surprising how a simple coat of paint can turn a rusted or ugly vent cover into something that looks clean and new.

Make A Window Look Bigger With Balloon Drapery – You can make any window look larger, or like a bay window, by adding a rounded curtain rod and billowy curtains.

DIY Framed Bathroom Mirror – You can easily dress up a simple mirror by adding a frame. The best part is, it’s easy to find the style you like best!

Kitchen Island Upgrade – Small kitchen islands can be made larger quite easily, so before you tear out your old one for a larger island, try adding onto your current one!

DIY Glass Window Shelves – Glass shelving is an excellent way to add much needed storage above a kitchen sink without obscuring a window or other source of light. You can make your own sturdy shelves with this tutorial!

Re-Grout and Caulk A Shower – Showers get gross over the years, so to spruce yours up, re-grout and caulk your shower to remove any mold or stains. You’ll end up with a pristine shower that looks brand new!

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