Cool Ways To Repurpose A T-Shirt

We all go through a stage in our lives where we seem to collect T-shirts that we just can’t give up later in life. Whether it’s a t-shirt collection from high school, college, from vacations, or just a bunch of comfy favorite shirts that we’ve had to swap out for a new adult wardrobe, everyone has a stash of old t-shirts.

So what’s to be done with these piles of old shirts filled with memories? Most people would simply cut them up into old rags for cleaning, or pack them up to be donated or sold at a yard sale.

But what if you could transform your shirts into pretty accessories, functional projects, or even a gift for someone special?

We’ve tracked down some of our favorite ways to repurpose your old t-shirts in unexpected ways.

So let’s get started! We’re sure you’ll find a project that speaks to you below!

Braided T-Shirt Belt – This project requires only the slightest bit of sewing to ensure that the ends of your new belt won’t unravel after a few wears. This is a great way to create a belt that fits you perfectly, without paying nearly $20 for a cheap grocery store belt!

DIY T-Shirt Pillows – If you’re anything like us, you have a few t-shirts that you bought as a teenager with cartoon characters or sassy sayings on them. While these aren’t exactly things we can wear to work anymore, they sure do look cute in their new lives as throw pillows!

Fabric Rose Bouquet – This adorable romantic gift lasts much longer than flowers, is less expensive, and shows just how much effort and time you are willing to spend on a gift for your significant other. Or, use these as a substitute for real flowers in your wedding!

T-Shirt Infinity Scarf – Turn a favorite, but stained, shirt into a super trendy and cute infinity scarf. We just love the polka dots of this one!

DIY Cat Tent – This is a more funky project for the cat lady in you. With a few household items, you can create one or more of these fancy little hideaways for your favorite fur-baby.

Tie-Dye Headband – Transform an old tie-dye shirt into a workout headband in just a few steps! These are great gift ideas too, and very simple to make.

Flip-Flop Upcycle – Cheap flip flops can rub your feet the wrong way. Remove those plastic thongs and replace them with braided cords made out of a soft old t-shirt.

Lavender Sachets – Sachets are the best way to keep a linen closet smelling fresh for months. The best part is that you can make a bunch of these fragrant items with a single t-shirt. Try placing a few on the registers in your home to get a fresh blast of scent every time the A/C kicks on!

DIY Braided T-Shirt Bracelets – Make adorable bracelets to show off your style, school colors, or to make sure everyone knows who your best friend is. This is a great activity idea for preteen and teen girls!

French Pouf – There are few things that can spruce up an outfit like a French pouf! Learn how to make your own from an old t-shirt. This is another great and simple gift idea!

T-Shirt Tote Bag – This no-sew project will net you a wide variety of options for cute shopping or beach bags. As a bonus, they’re infinitely more stylish worn as a tote bag than as a tee!

DIY Ball and Tug Dog Toy – We can’t forget man’s best friend! Make your pup a brand new toy out of a few old t-shirts. Your dog will absolutely love that his brand new tug toy smells just like his favorite person!

Recycled T-Shirt Statement Necklace – In a few simple steps, take an old t-shirt and transform it into a bulky, thick statement necklace. All the style, none of the weight of metal versions! The few metal pieces on the necklace really take it to the next level.

DIY Baby Leggings – Baby clothes can get pretty expensive, so why not repurpose some of your old t-shirts into these adorable leggings? The long, wide inseam means that your baby will have plenty of maneuverability.

DIY Pencil Skirt – Pencil skirts are just so stylish! Take an old, large t-shirt and make yourself a soft pencil skirt. You’ll love that it feels just like you’re wearing a maxi skirt!

T-Shirt Memory Quilt – We couldn’t resist adding this classic project into the mix. Making one of these memory quilts is time-consuming, but totally worth it, regardless of whether it’s for you or a loved one. This is a great project for a graduation gift.

Braided No-Sew T-Shirt Rug – This awesome, soft rug is no-sew, if you can believe it! This is a fantastic project to keep yourself busy, and you’ll have a brand new stylish rug to boot!

DIY T-Shirt Yarn – We would never have thought to  make yarn out of an old t-shirt! This is an awesome idea, since you can quickly get rid of a stack of old shirts, plus have materials to knit with later!

T-Shirt Bunny Plush – These little stuffed bunnies are an adorable gift for any time of year, not just Easter! These soft bunnies are sure to be a childhood favorite for your kids!

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