Amazing Zipper Crafts

It’s easy to turn the zippers into colorful pins. Take a look at these zipper crafts for inspiration. These interesting accessories are inexpensive to make and can take on any shape, depending on what you choose as the base form.

A cute little bag made from zippers, source

Bracelet made with vintage zipper slides in rainbow colors, source

These Plastic Bottle Apple Containers make a wonderful DIY gift for anyone this time of year. source

Amalia Versaci uses vintage zippers to create accessories and home decor, source

A self-zipping coin purse made from a ribbon, source

Snowman made out of Zippers and Felt, source

These zipper dragonflies are so simple and fun to make. source

Zipper Heart Ornament, source

Beautiful Christmas tree ornaments made from zippers, source

Zipper flower headband, source

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