Creative DIY Gift Ideas

We invite you to browse through the DIY gift ideas showcased below and feed your imagination with a few gift crafts that we have found interesting.

1. Tissue Paper Home Decoration 

Hallstrom Home!

2. Paper Birds 

Lia Griffith!

3. Surprise Exploding Box 

Sunny Lin

4. 3D Origami Heart

Paper Folds

5. Heart Box 

Jeremy Schafer

6. Mini Photo Album 

Troom Troom!

7. Paper Flowers

TQT Hacks

8. Paper Coasters 

Paper Tales!

9. Paper Succulents 

Avanti Morocha

10. Golden Paper Feathers

Lia Griffith

11. Wax Paper Lanterns 

A Practical Wedding

12. Love Bug Bookmark 

Red Ted Art

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