Creative Garden Container Ideas

It doesn’t matter whether you have an abundance of space or you have very little, because this collection has got something to suit everyone! Once you learn how to convert recycled items from around your home into useful containers, your garden will never be the same again!

Create A Mobile Container Garden – This is a great DIY for those with limited outside space. Patio, balcony, outside wall…these mobile containers can be hung from just about anywhere!

How To Build A Vertical Garden Pyramid – Perfect for growing flowers, herbs or even berries you can create a beautifully original plant container with this pyramid project.

DIY Container Water Garden – Why not try creating your own little oasis in the back yard and enjoy the soothing sounds of water all year round!

Recycled Barrel Planter – This beautiful planter will be the talking point among all of your guests…they’ll never believe that you made it with your own bare hands!

How To Make A Hanging Gutter Garden – This is a great idea for exploiting the vertical space in your garden. You may need a little DIY skill for this tutorial but the end result is well worth the time and effort you invest in this project.

Homemade Pallet Planter – Creating your own outdoor haven doesn’t have to be an expensive project and it doesn’t have to take forever. With this amazing DIY you can upcyle a pallet into a planter and add some rustic charm to your yard.

How To Make Topsy-Turvy Plant Tower – Defy gravity with this impressive ‘wonky’ plant tower. It’s easy to do and takes no time to make, but looks extraordinary when finished.

Cork Planters – If you’ve got a few old wine corks laying around then you’ve already got everything you need to make these mini planters!

How To Make A Birdcage Plant Hanger – Hit the flea market, find a birdcage and get cracking on this beautiful plant hanger!

Make Your Own Molded Concrete Containers – Add texture and charm to your outside space with these homemade concrete containers.

Welly-Boot Planters – Line up your wellington boots because this project provides a new, creative and inventive way to display your flowers. It’s easy to do and the quirky display will bring plenty of color and fun to your garden!

How To Create A Tree Stump Planter – Rather than getting rid of that pesky tree stump in your garden, why not turn it into a feature and fill it with flowers!

How To Build Window Boxes Out Of Pallets – Old wooden pallets are fantastic for garden DIY projects. They are easy to get hold of, cheap, and rustic looking so being outside won’t harm their charm.

DIY Chair Planter – Looking for a creative way to display your plants? This is it! All you need is an old chair!

Salvaged Chandelier Planter – Allow your foliage to take center stage with this artistic idea. Using a salvaged chandelier you can replace the traditional hanging baskets and display your plants in an interesting and unique way!

Dress Up Your Plants In A Dresser – Who said that furniture was just for inside?

Make A Planter From A Hanging Shoe Organizer – A hanging shoe organizer is the perfect way to make use of your vertical gardening space. The unusual feature is quick and easy to make but the best part is, no animals can get to your plants!

DIY Bicycle Planter – Who knew that an old bike and a couple of baskets could create such a trendy piece of garden art?

Cinder Block Planter Bar – Grey cement and green herbs…it’s the perfect combination!

How To Make Your Own Book Planters – Turn a vintage book into a one-of-a-kind planter with this easy set of instructions.

Decorative Tyre Planter – Let your creative side blossom with this decorative tyre project.

Tin Can Containers – Perfect for planting, these spray-painted tins bring a welcome splash of color.

DIY Hanging Pot Planters – Terracotta pots are the usual go-to containers for most gardeners, but why not try doing something different with them? These hanging planters are easy to make and lovely to look at!

Transform Your Strainer Into A Planter – This DIY only costs $3 to complete…sounds like a bargain to us!

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