Creative Storage Ideas

These simple solutions will keep clutter to a minimum by utilizing the space you have and will allow you to store things in a creative and original way. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have more storage, just have a look at these 27 genius ideas and learn how to increase your homes storage today!

Kitchen Storage

DIY Under The Sink Storage

How To Make A Pegboard Wall Organizer

DIY Storage For Kitchen Utensils

How To Make A Magnetic Spice Rack

Build Your Own Canned Food Organizer

How To Make A Knife Tray For Your Kitchen Drawer

DIY Canister & Spice Rack

DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Upcycled Ladder Pot Rack

Bathroom Storage

How To Make Wall Baskets For The Bathroom

How To Customize A Cabinet To Store Your Hair Tools

DIY Pocket Organizer

Hanging Basket Storage

Mason Jar Storage

Towel Storage Made From Artistic Tin Cans

DIY Magnetic Strip Organizers

Bedroom Storage

How To Turn A Bookshelf Into A Set Of Drawers

DIY Jewelry Holder

Necklace Storage Solution

Magnetic Make-Up Board

DIY Fold Down Desk

Other Storage

Ice Cube Tray Office Organizer

How To Add Storage To Your Car

Easy Ways To Use A Ladder For Storage

Wire Basket Storage

How To Hide Your Clutter

DIY Magazine Rack

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