Cute DIY Baby Rattles

A cute collection of baby toy tutorials for the crafty mommas out there. Take a look!

1. Modern Baby Rattle

Almost Makes Perfect

2. Plushy Animal Rattles 

Make It & Love It

3. Soft Block Rattles 

While She Naps

4. Montessori Inspired Rattle 

Nerd and Health Nut

5. Wooden Rattle 

Live Well Travel Often

6. Crochet Carrot Rattle 

Make & Do Crew

7. Teddy Rattle 

Is It a Toy

8. Owl Rattle 

Lovely Little Life

9. Butterfly Rattles 

Amigurumi Today

10. Rainbow Rattle 

Swoodson Says

11. Rattle Balls 

Next to Nicx

12. Seahorse Rattle 

Hobby Craft.

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