Cute DIY Projects For Cat Owners

If you are looking for some super cute DIY cat projects, you came to the right place!

1. Cactus Scratching Post 


2. Indoor Grass Lounge 

Home You

3. Hanging Cat Perch 

Hymns & Verses

4. Wooden Cat Bowl Stand 

Almost Makes Perfect

5. Cardboard Box Cat House


6. Real Branches Cat Tree

By Brittany Goldwyn

7. Cat Ladder Fort 


8. Color Blocked Scratching Post 

A Beautiful Mess

9. Cat Climbing Wall 

Ikea Hackers

10. Cat Teepee 

Meow Lifestyle

11. Personalized Cat Bed

See Kate Sew

12. Cat Tent 

Dear Crissy!

13. Mouse Felt Toy

Lia Griffith

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