DIY Ideas With Mirrors

There are so many great things you can do with mirrors.This article will show you a list of DIY ideas with mirrors.

DIY Mirrored Cake Stands

You can make this fantastic shiny, and tier cake stand with interchangeable variable height bases for a party or display on your table. Here’s the tutorials for you. source

Broken Mirror Wall Art

The broken mirror never becomes a pile of trash. Give it a new life by carefully retrieve the pieces of mirror and arrange them on your plywood in whatever pattern you desire to create this stunning work of art. source

DIY Attractive Mirrored Coffee Table

This glamorous and attractive mirrored coffee table will be a fashionable addition to your living room. See how to create it here. source

Mirrored Ceiling Medallion

This mirrored ceiling medallion looks so harmonious with the whole style of the bedroom, plus adds more elegance. With little imagination, you can make one by yourself for about $30 out of candle plates from Hobby Lobby. source

DIY Sunburst Mirror

The sunburst mirrors can look sophisticated, whimsical, contemporary and fun. They are the perfect exclamation point for just about any room. Beyond your imagination, this stunning sunburst mirror is made from a circle mirror that already has a frame and some wood sticks in different sizes. It can be an amazing and luxurious wall work of art. You can get the tutorials here. source

DIY Aquamarine Sunburst Mirror

This is another idea about DIY mirrored wall art. You can create different ones with beads in any color as you like. source

DIY Scalloped and Mirrored Table Centerpiece

If you are a fan of scroll saw projects, this fantastic mirrored table centerpiece will be a must-have accessory to make for your living room. source

Mirrored Door in a Garden

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to a garden. Not only does it bring more light to the very dark area, but it gave the illusion of more garden in the distance. It is quite mesmerizing. source

DIY Mirrored Table Card

Here’s another unique way to use mirrors. A fantastic table number card with mirrors will impressed your guests most during a party. source

Mirrors on the Wall fo Wedding

Start with the arrangement for the wedding with helium balloons tied golden ribbons and mirrors on the wall in the space. This is super divine. source

DIY Mirrored Night Stand

Mirrored furniture pieces, the epitome of glamour, have become very popular in the design world. A mirrored night stand in the bedroom gives the space a Hollywood Regency feel. However, mirrored furniture pieces are always so expensive. Today, I will show you an idea to create a unique mirrored night stand out of an old night stand. source

Decorative Mirrors on the Wall

A mirror decorated with the same style as the whole of the room can be used as a perfect artwork. source

Mirror Centerpieces Decorations

Using mirror elements in your wedding or any other party is so modern and unique. These wedding centerpieces using mirrors add more elegance to the wedding. source

Mirror in the Wedding Decor

It’s a perfect and gorgeous way to include antique mirrors in the wedding decor to greet your guests with calligraphy in gold-ink-pens for a welcome message. source

Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are always regarded as a perfect decor for any room. Here is another idea for mirrors as a wall art in your living room. source

Mirror as a Decor at Home

This is a very common type of decorating a room with mirrors to be your entrance hall. The mirror also helps give more sense of space and brings more brightness to your home. source

Mirror Table Makeovers

This glamorous mirror table is really a perfect addition to the home. It looks so harmony with the white wall. With little imagination, it is transformed from an ordinary and unfinished wood table. source

Mirror as a Table Runner

Look at this amazing table with jingle bells and candles on. It also features the mirror as the runner of the table. It looks super pretty with the candle light reflected by the mirror. source

Stairs Mirror to Enlarge Your Room

Stair mirrors will leave the feeling that your room is wide open. source

DIY Mirror Boxes

This affordable mirror box with some plants or wild flowers in will be a perfect table centerpiece in your dinning room. You can also use it as a candle base. Here is a quick tutorial for you. source

Mirror Used as a Table Centerpiece in Wedding

This table centerpiece must be an impressive feature with mixture of candles, mirror, wine glasses and colorful flowers on the table in the wedding. source

Mirrors Used to Explore Nature

Place such a large mirror with some smaller specimen mirrors on top in your garden. More nature beauty will bring into your garden. source

Mirrored Tray

This pretty jewelry display with the mirrored tray looks so luxurious and gorgeous. Do you want to own one at your bedroom? source

Mirrors used in a small room

It is a smart way to use mirrors in a small room to make a room look brighter and feel bigger. source

Mirror as a window

Arrange 15 small weatherized framed mirrors to create this large tiled mantle version on the wall. Mirrors can make a illusion of the window. I t is a good choose for your garden. source

Cool Broken Mirror Bathroom Floor

Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over. It looks dangerous but really cool! source

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