DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

1 Sunken Living. Sunken Living: Pluck these herbs from a windowsill pot or a garden for a Thanksgiving meal that sings with fresh flavor (via Houzz)


2 Gutter Mount


Gutter Mount (via 1001 Gardens)

3 Sitting Pretty


Sitting Pretty (via Kitcheners)

4 Upside Down Sky Planter


Upside Down Sky Planter: We can think of at least three awesome reasons to start hanging plants upside down in our small apartment. First, it’s space saving; these plants don’t take up any floor space. Second, they are way more kid proof than plants on lower surfaces. Third, it’s pretty quirky and would make a great conversation piece at our next party. (via Apartment Therapy)

5 Self-Watering Glass Planters


Self-Watering Glass Planters (via Little Projectiles)

6 Tackle Box Planter


Tackle Box Planter: By Andrew Salomone I like fishing. Catching fish is OK, but it can really start to feel a little bit like work once you have an actual fish on your hands. Sitting near water holding a fancy stick with a distinct sense of purpose is really the best part of (via MAKE)

7 Bamboo Steamer Garden


Bamboo Steamer Garden: Savour the flavour: nurture a flourishing windowsill nursery, with Asian herbs in bamboo steamers. (via Home Life)

8 Hanging Kitchen Herb Box


Hanging Kitchen Herb Box: When counter space is limited: a DIY hanging herb garden. For instructions on making a similar box, go to EHow. (via Remodelista)

9 Windowsill Garden


Windowsill Garden: We’ve been enviously reading posts from the Northern Hemisphere about the lead up to summer and meanwhile down here in Australia, we’ve just entered winter. Its getting really cold and frosty so not much is happening in our garden at the moment. Allison from The Lark brightened our day after she brought her garden inside (via Apartment Therapy)

10 Tin Can Planters


Tin Can Planters: Recycle kitchen cans into a winsome window herb garden. (via Relish)

11 Terra-cotta Dresses Up


Terra-cotta Dresses Up: How to paint your herb pots (via Sunset)

12 One Pot


One Pot: Basil, thyme, sage. These are indispensable herbs, and they grew in abundance on our front stoop all summer. We don’t like paying $2.50 per packet for herbs at the supermarket, so when it gets cold, we have another plan. Fortunately it’s not difficult to grow these herbs indoors even in a tiny kitchen. One big pot, some potting soil, and a few herb plants are all you need. You should also have a sunny spot; the herbs will need plenty of direct sunshine… (via Apartment Therapy)

13 Cubby Hole


Cubby Hole: The Urb Garden, designed by Xavier Calluaud, is a vertical garden outfitted with modular cubby holes and an integrated worm farm, making it a perfect all-in-one solution for urban gardeners. (via Inhabitat)

14 Hanging Planters


Hanging Planters: You like to plant herbs or other plants indoors but have not enough space? Or have a rather plain-looking wall and you do not know what to do about it? Creating your own indoor hanging herb garden is a great solution that will also give any space a nice homey ambiance. (via Foxy Folksy)

15 Upside Down Tin Containers


Upside Down Tin Containers: At some point near the middle of March, I always decide that I’m “done” with winter. The sweaters and jackets get pushed to the back of the closet, the flip flops come out, and I inevitably freeze … (via Persephone Magazine)

16 Ikea Hack


Ikea Hack: Don’t ask me how I came up with this project…it’s a long story. Basically, my dog Charlie can jump really high and will eat anything,so I needed to make a wall-mounted planter that I could place out of his reach. So the Vurm herb planter was born. I already had the IKEA Vurm on hand; it is actually a wine bottle holder, but it turns out that the wider white wine bottles don’t fit, and I’m a big white wine fan. So I took the Vurm right off the wall and it sat collecting dust on a shelf for a… (via Curbly)

17 Good Sunlight


Good Sunlight: Black thumbs unite! Ive been there. I feel you! I vividly remember feeling proud when my basil plant had a whopping three leaves hanging off of its branches. Gardening was never really my strongest suit, but in the past little while Ive turned a corner. As it turns out, all you really need for a [] (via Style Me Pretty)

18 Hooks and Rods


Hooks and Rods (via Itsy Bits and Pieces)

19 Tiers of Herbs


Tiers of Herbs: It’s been sunny and warmer here for the last few days and it’s taken me a mere twenty-four hours to dispel any lingering thoughts of winter. I’ve started thinking about plants and flowers and ways to bring nature indoors. I… (via Urban Comfort)

20 Potted and Carted


Potted and Carted: this weekend, i was in gardening heaven. just call ms. green jeans (or, really, really dirty jeans) because i was up to my eyeballs in dirt with my latest home (via SF Girl By Bay)

21 Teacup Herbarium


Teacup Herbarium: Fresh herbs are easy to grow and use all around the house. Have some fun by finding containers for an indoor herb garden that remind you to use herbs every day. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

22 Kitchen Herb Garden in a Recycled Pallet Box


Kitchen Herb Garden in a Recycled Pallet Box: The other day I said to AJ that we should have a kitchen herb garden right outside the window above our sink and then I had a brainstorm I should use the planter we made from the pallet for Easter (which, by the way, was featured yesterday over at this amazing blog Roadkill Rescue, check them out!)! (via Migonis Home)

23 Pallet Living Wall


Pallet Living Wall (via The Brew)

24 Wooden Shelf Garden


Wooden Shelf Garden (via Food Family & Finds)

25 Indoor Hanging Planters


Indoor Hanging Planters: Create your own indoor herb garden with this simple tutorial for hanging planters! (via Julie Blanner)

26 Vertical Planters


Vertical Planters: Walker and I are happy that the blistering heat is starting to work its way out of Los Angeles (okay, so it isn’t quite gone yet but fingers crossed!) and we are gearing up for cooler weather. One thing that (via Our Cozy Cubby Hole)

27 Chalkboard Planting Pots


Chalkboard Planting Pots: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

28 Pegboard Garden


Pegboard Garden (via Behance)

29 Mason Jar


Mason Jar: Morning, everyone! Claire here, with a weekend project that’s perfect for all of you who are gearing up for lots of holiday cooking. Remember two weeks ago when I asked for your opinion on which ha… (via Camille Styles)

30 Bottle Gardens


Bottle Gardens: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

31 Hanging Garden


Hanging Garden: If you leave in a big city and don’t have a garden, that’s a pity because its almost summer and we all want is a piece of nature. But the news is good! (via Shelterness)

32 Hanging Coffee Cup Garden


Hanging Coffee Cup Garden: I have always wanted a little herb garden within easy reach for some fresh herbs when cooking. Ive tried the kitchen window sill method but the plants never seem to make it due to not getting enough light. I decided this year to create a little hanging garden that I can hang outdoors ensuring the (via By Stephanie Lynn)

33 Simple Indoor Garden


Simple Indoor Garden: My Husband and I live in a small duplex with no space for a regular garden. We also live on the shady side of the duplex, so all of our windows get ve… (via Instructables)

34 Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters


Hanging Plastic Bottle Planters: I am big on fresh herbs at the moment, but not only herbs, I am busy transforming my garden so that I can grow a lot of my own fruit and vegetables. (via Home-Dzine)

35 Clothespin Planters


Clothespin Planters: Transforming our first house, one project at a time. (via 7th House on the Left)

36 Hanging Wooden Crates Garden


Hanging Wooden Crates Garden: The Kitchen has really started to come to life lately! Up until last week, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with the space at the end of my kitchen cabinets. I had tried a few different things, but nothing ever fully satisfied my decor-based O.C.D. I knew I really wanted to use (via The Lettered Cottage)

37 Bath Time Herbs


Bath Time Herbs: Fresh herbs are easy to grow and use all around the house. Have some fun by finding containers for an indoor herb garden that remind you to use herbs every day. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

38 Wooden Box


Wooden Box: Herb Living Wall, Bright Green GroVert Frame (via Houzz)

39 Vertical Hanging Buckets


Vertical Hanging Buckets (via Room*6)

40 Wall Garden


Wall Garden (via Ten June)

41 Opot Wall Planter


Opot Wall Planter: Get your modern garden on with Opot, a simple, wall-mounted planter made from one piece of DuPont Tyvek that was designed by designer Clara del Portillo. (via Design Milk)

42 Wash Tub Garden


Wash Tub Garden: As we are approaching summer I am becoming more and more obsessed with plants. I know, I am becoming the crazy plant lady. It happens. Ps. our fiddle fig is still alive! I should probably share a post on that & what has been working for us. Anyways, the hubs and I really wanted to (via Liz Marie Blog)

43 Indoor Tin Can Garden


Indoor Tin Can Garden (via loveshack chic)

44 Rolling Garden


Rolling Garden: #DigIn with Home Depot and make a rolling herb garden. A great way to beat the cool spring weather and still have delicious herbs! (via Nellie Bellie)

45 Teacup Garden


Teacup Garden: you may remember these? and wondered what I planned for all those tea cups with little holes in the bottom… well if you came by at finders keepers or the GoMA twilight market you’ll have already solved the puzzle. as… (via oldyarns. tells the bower bird stories)

46 Stylish Hanging Garden


Stylish Hanging Garden: Make this DIY vertical herb garden in a single afternoon with HomeMade Modern. (via Homemade Modern)

47 Space Saver Garden


Space Saver Garden: How to make a space saver and plant labels using recycled plastic milk carton containers. (via Leavesnbloom)

48 Hanging Garden Board


Hanging Garden Board: My First “Do it Herself” Workshop (via Pink Cake Plate)

49 Vintage Herb Planter


Vintage Herb Planter: I was compensated with free craft supplies for this project. All opinions expressed are my own. Recently I was feeling very crafty and I had the opportunity to go on a major shopping binge at Michaels Stores. Here it is slightly assembled. Do you see what I see? Pure crafting BLISS. (and maybe, even a (via Snazzy Little Things)

50 Micro Gardening

Micro Gardening (via Urban Garden Casual)

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