DIY iPhone Stand and Tripod Tutorials

Some of them are as simple as stripped-down basic design while others are complex and even gear driven. Here I round up a collection of DIY iPhone docks and stands to get you inspired both in distinctive look and usability.

DIY iPhone Dock from a Piece of Wood


How to turn an old piece of wood into a cool iPhone dock? Get the tutorial via scarletwords

Binder Clips + Business Card = iPhone Tripod


This phone stand with binder clips and a business card is pretty cool.source

Paper iPhone Dock


Just download and print out the template for this paper iPhone dock. Set up your iPhone dock from the folded cardstock. It’s easy to make yet very useful to display your iPhone device.source

DIY iPhone Box Dock


Just employ the dock plate, a fair share of glue as well as a bit of trimming on the bottom of the plate to make the dock connector sit square and mount onto the box. It’s really a perfect functional design.source

Automata iPhone Dock


Automata iPhone Dock. This dock features a mechanism which enables you to change its orientation using wooden gears. It consists of four parts, main iPhone rotating cradle, crank wheel gear, dock base as well as charging cable placement. It’s such a gorgeous wooden craft to display your iPhone.source

Wine Cork iPhone Dock


Wine Cork iPhone Dock. What a great fit for your iPhone or iPad. This craft makes a great conversation piece.source

iPhone Stand Made from Fork and Spoon



Paperclip iPhone Stand



Gift Card iPhone Stand



Recycled CD iPhone Dock


Align all the cuts out and insert the charging connector into the stacked disks. Glue the cable channel disks to make this charging end pass right through but as a tight fit. You must enjoy the beautiful display of your device with low budget.source

Quickie Laser-cut iPhone Dock


Create this iPhone dock with four slices of acrylic. The top two with oval opening to fit the connector, the third one with a channel to go through the cable and the last one with bottom slice to keep the cable from falling out. You must like this brilliant design to display your device.source

Tree Trunk iPhone Dock


As its name suggests, this iPhone dock features a stand made out of the trunk of a small tree. The iPhone display visual effect is just so fantastic.source

Bread Shape iPhone Dock


As its name suggests, this iPhone dock features its cool outlook, this docking station looks like a slice of bread with a bite taken out of it. It’s super chic to display your device with this cool design.source

DIY iPhone Dock


Get rid of the tabs at the bottom of the dock to make it sit flat on the box lid. Highlights the dots and make the dock insert to be sung in the cutout you’re making. Glue the insert to the top of the box and add rubber bands to finish off this iPhone dock for the gorgeous display of your device.source

Pencil iPhone Stand


Strap two pencils together with elastic band to make the horizontal support, use more pencils to create a triangle and add one more for back support. It’s easy yet very helpful to place your iPhone.source

Package Material iPhone Dock


Get the iPhone connector in place, cut the plastic holder and set up the triangle stand to finish off this simple yet functional dock to display your iPhone device.source

Rotary iPhone Speaker Dock


This iPhone stand features the cool outlook that looks like a rotary phone with the dock mounted in the handset cradle and two speakers in the handset proper. Everyone must be impressed by its gorgeous design to display iPhone device.source

DIY LEGO iPhone Stand


Use broken LEGO’s to make this iPhone stand for functional usage and cool outlook. Due to the unique design, you can enjoy iPhone features in landscape view. Just so fabulous.source

Mini DV Case iPhone Stand


Take advantage of mini DV case to make this iPhone stand easily. It can be served as earphone carrier as well. It’s easy to make yet it has various functions.source

DIY Binder Clip iPhone Stand


Clap the large binder clip and the small one and bend the body upwards. You can enjoy your iPhone video at a suitable angle. It’s so easy to make to display your iPhone in this simple and smart way.source

Sticky Tape Stand


For those who would like to create a simple stand in within ten minutes to enjoy the movies at a perfect angle, this one would be the perfect choice. Just stick a bit of tape to the back of you iPhone device then you can sit and enjoy.source

Stand Made from iPhone Packaging


Take advantage of the iPhone packaging by adding 2 jumbo binder clips at the bottom. Glue it at the bottom of the iPhone packaging at the bottom with double-sided tape. You can enjoy your movie at a nice angle without holding it for a long time.source

Clock Radio Station


This amazing electronic device features its multiple functions. It can be served as a iPhone dock, an alarm clock as well as a FM tuner. Anyone must adore its versatile functions as well as fantastic outlook.source

Light Alarm iPhone Dock


This iPhone combines a light alarm as well as an iPhone dock. It’s especially designed for you to watch e-book or movies at night. With the soft lighting at side, it can protect your eyes with this great iPhone dock.source

Mobile Stand Deluxe


This high-tech, ultra-stylish iPhone dock will be the focal point to display your iPhone device at the perfect angle to bring your pleasure with its charming design.source

iPhone Dock with Speaker and Mic


As its name suggests, this iPhone dock can also be served as a speaker and free-hand mic as well. You can use iPhone to make conference call and listen to your music at the same time. Everything is just so fabulous.source

iPhone Easel


Paint the easel with acrylic paint and use sharpie markers to draw floral pattern on it for beautiful garnishment.source

Dino iPhone Tripod


Cut your dinosaur in half, inject it with caulking, dab a little caulking on the feet and tail as well to avoid sliding. It’s super easy, funny yet inexpensive.source

Watch and iPhone Dock


The watch and iPhone dock features rich solution to display your items. The integrated slot can keep your watches, the carved pocket can store your sunglasses and the side slot can store your wallet. It’s perfect to display your iPhone and keep your items organized.source

iPhone Stand


Use the heat gun on medium heat at high blast and put the plexiglass board on the front edge to bend it, put the plexiglass back in the wood vise and clamp it down at a 90 degree angle to get it stand upright. The simple design is perfect to display your iPhone.source

Beautiful iPhone Wood Stand


This iPhone stand is perfect to display your iPhone at a nice angle while it sits on your desk. In addition, the pieces of stand can slide apart easily to make it travel friendly.source

Pumped up iPhone Stand


This iPhone stand is so attractive with the shape of a pair of fashionable high heels. The titled surface and curved uppers make the shoe-shaped phone stand perfect to hold your iPhone in a stunning visual effect.source

Charming Black Cat iPhone Stand


This functional cat stand can hold your smartphone upright with a notch on its back and cute curled tail to display your device in a playful and funny way.source

Stained Glass iPhone Stand


This stained glass stand for iPhone made by transparent glass and decorated with green glass leaves and red glass flower on adjustable wire is perfect to display your iPhone in an elegant way.source

Banana Appeal iPhone Stand


It’s super chic to display your iPone or other devices from slipping off your desk with this banana peel iPhone stand. It features bright yellow peels and notched front to prop up your iPhone reliably.source

iPhone Paper Triangle Stand


Score and fold each square patterned paper, tuck each corner next to the other to create the container. Tie the bow for beautiful garnishment to finish off your paper stand in this elegant way.source

Cute Sweet Plush Elephant iPhone Stand


This plush holder features adorable cartoon elephant shape. It’s perfect to display your iPhone device with this beloved stand in warm-toned color.source

Bean Bag iPhone Stand


As its name suggests, this iPhone stand features a comfy bean bag to display your device in bright color.source

Cute Elephant iPhone Stand


As its name suggests, this stand features an adorable elephant iPhone stand to display your device in a funny way.source

Stained Glass iPhone Stand


Use transparent glass to create this stained glass iPhone stand decorated with flower with orange-red touches pieces of glass.source

Adorable Panda iPhone Stand


This outstanding iPhone stand is perfect to display your iPhone device. It looks great even when it’s not in use. It is functional and user-friendly.source

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