DIY No-Sew Accessories Projects

35 great no-sew project ideas to make and I love all of them!

1 No Sew Tote Bag


No Sew Tote Bag: This no-sew bag can be stowed in your purse for a quick trip to the market and is strong enough to carry fruits and vegetables. (via Martha Stewart)

2 Color Chunky Chain Jewelry


Color Chunky Chain Jewelry (via I SPY DIY)

3 Suede Belt


Suede Belt: This belt lends itself to variation: Once you get the hang of it, you can even make it without the pattern. (via Martha Stewart)

4 Neon Toe Shoes


Neon Toe Shoes: For those of who were at The Cream event the other week, you probably saw our cute neon toe shoes we made for the event. Well, today I’m going to share how you can make them yourselves! Perfect for your wedding, party or everyday wear! I love the bright pop of color on these, but… (via Green Wedding Shoes)

5 Dress with Braided Fabric Straps


Dress with Braided Fabric Straps: Learn how to embellish a plain dress with colorful braided straps. (via Martha Stewart)

6 Knotted Headband


Knotted Headband (via You Seriously Made That)

7 Hard Flower Barrettes


Hard Flower Barrettes: Morgan Levine, editorial assistant in the holidays and crafts departments of Martha Stewart Living, makes flower barrettes. (via Martha Stewart)

8 Heart Tote with Leather Straps


Heart Tote with Leather Straps: I have another blank canvas tutorial for you guys today! This is a series all about decorating a plain canvas tote in lots of fun ways. We’ve made a pool tote, neon polka dot tote, a book tote, and an image transfer tote. I saved one of my very favorites (and a super easy one) (via Say Yes)

9 Woven Chain Bracelet


Woven Chain Bracelet: Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurlie Bidermann’s Do Brazil bracelets and thought it was about time we graduate to the ultimate (via Honestly…WTF)

10 No Sew Vest


No Sew Vest (via WobiSobi)

11 Braided Shoelaces


Braided Shoelaces: Should your kids want a break, one of these days, from making friendship bracelets (and anklets and necklaces and…), get them to outfit everyone’s sneakers with cheery laces. (via Martha Stewart)

12 Wire Bow Ring


Wire Bow Ring (via I SPY DIY)

13 Braided Leather-Lace Belt Craft


Braided Leather-Lace Belt Craft: For this hip-slung sash, we used 20 1/3 yards of leather cord, cut into 3 equal pieces. This will make an 84-inch-long belt; size up or down accordingly. (via Martha Stewart)

14 Triangle Necklace


Triangle Necklace (via creative index)

15 No Sew Fabric Flower


No Sew Fabric Flower (via Ruffles and Stuff)

16 Heart-Shaped Button Covers


Heart-Shaped Button Covers: The secret to capturing a heart is to use a button — at least when the heart in question is made of felt. Create this no-sew decoration for Valentine’s Day: Cut hearts from pink and red felt based on the size of the shirt’s buttons (ours are cut from 1-inch squares). Fold each in half horizontally, and cut a vertical slit, or buttonhole, about the same size as the button. To wear,button up shirt, and then slip hearts over buttons. (via Martha Stewart)

17 Braided Headbands


Braided Headbands (via alisaburke)

18 No-Sew Slipper Socks


No-Sew Slipper Socks: Padding around the house in warm wool socks is a cozy comfort that can sometimes be slippery — and socks’ feet can get damp and dirty. For more solid footing, add soles. (via Martha Stewart)

19 Painting Toms


Painting Toms: Spruce up a pair of TOMS! (via Lil Blue Boo)

20 Duct Tape Tote Bag


Duct Tape Tote Bag: Why break the bank for a designer bag when you can easily make your own? These fashionable totes from crafter Jodi Kahn are constructed with two main items: a roll of duct tape and a stapler. (via Martha Stewart)

21 Glitter Bow Necklace


Glitter Bow Necklace: This morning I showed you how to make a no-sew leather bow necklace, which was in a bronze leather. My daughter caught site of it and she HAD TO HAVE ONE, but of course she required sparkles for he (via Pretty Prudent)

22 No-Sew Drawstring Purse


No-Sew Drawstring Purse: This sweet drawstring purse makes a great bridesmaid gift; it’s also the perfect size for bridal essentials — tissues, lipstick, vows. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

23 Monogram Coin Purse


Monogram Coin Purse (via Little Green Notebook)

24 Swimsuits: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot


Swimsuits: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot: Snip, twist, wrap, and knot. That’s all that separates you from a new poolside outfit. Blueprint fashion editor Katie Hatch says, “I know what you’re thinking: Why make a bathing suit? And my answer: It costs less than $20!” (via Martha Stewart)

25 Tiny Tassel Bracelet


Tiny Tassel Bracelet (via Maize Hutton)

26 Paillette Flower Headband


Paillette Flower Headband: A paillette flower glued to a sequin-trimmed headband is a charming crowning touch. (via Martha Stewart)

27 Felt Hair Bows


Felt Hair Bows (via Create Studio)

28 Tie-Dye-Effect Scarf


Tie-Dye-Effect Scarf: Use this innovative spray technique to make a multicolored scarf without the mess of traditional dyes. (via Martha Stewart)

29 Ankle Strap Flats


Ankle Strap Flats (via I SPY DIY)

30 No Sew Handbag


No Sew Handbag: Actress America Ferrera joins Martha to make a no-sew summer handbag. (via Martha Stewart)

31 Curtain Ring Statement Necklace


Curtain Ring Statement Necklace: This DIY project features something that you can find in (almost) every thrift store: wooden curtain rings. I always see a lot of them when I visit thrift stores so today I decided to finally make (via By Wilma)

32 Flower Girl Headband


Flower Girl Headband: Handmade flower headbands for your flower girl that won’t wilt by the reception. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

33 Ribbon Barrettes


Ribbon Barrettes: With a minimum of materials and only a few simple steps, you can fashion an attractive barrette from a metal hair clip. (via Martha Stewart)

34 No Sew T-Shirt Vest


No Sew T-Shirt Vest (via WobiSobi)

35 Leather Belt


Leather Belt: This fashionable leather belt achieves the look of a very expensive one — for a fraction of the cost. (via Martha Stewart)

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