Easy And Cute Fairy Themed Crafts

In this blog post, I’ll share what we did and hopefully that will help inspire you with your own fairy house creation.

1. Rainbow pine cone fairies

Fun Crafts Kids

2. Popsicle stick ballerina fairies

Paintings That Fly

3. Triangular garden fairies

 Glued to My Crafts

4. Tissue paper and glitter wing fairies

Artsy Craftsy Mom

5. Milk jug fairy houses

 The Green Dragonfly

6. DIY fairy jars

Kids Crafts by Three Sisters.

7. Plastic spoon fairies

 The Craft Train

8. Egg carton fairy houses

 Creative Family Fun

9. Wooden metallic winter fairies

 Rhythms of Play!

10. Milk carton fairy house

 Coffee Cups and Crayons

11. Tie dye fairies

Molly Moo Crafts!

12. DIY fairy busy bag

Little worlds,

13. Mason jar fairy house

The Decorated Cookie

14. 3-Ingredient fairy dough

Laughing Kids Learn

15. Embellished nature fairy wands

Where Imagination Grows

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