Easy and Fast Free Sewing Patterns

These patterns are easy so you can start immediately! Just got idea what you want, gather Your Materials and begin from simple things. Those same simple projects are a great way to revive your spirits when you just need to sew something without getting into a complex sewing project.

Make-Up Purse

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We all liked being able to have our purse more like a diaper bag and purse fused into one organized and being able to find things just by looking for the organizer. Inside, we have put cosmetics, a highlighter, a pen, a contact cards holder, a small memo pad, a small telephone book, a pack of tissue, a pack of mint candy, a spare ponytail catcher, a lip balm and the keys. Perfect choice for every girl!

Interesting Pillow Covers

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These step by step directions are designed to save you the expense of new pillows. The envelop design of these pillow covers make them removable “slip covers” for your throw pillows. Always preshrink your fabric so that your finished pillow covers are washable. The cutting directions do not add a seam allowance so that the finished pillow cover is a little smaller than the form and creates a “plump” pillow with no empty space.

Spain Coin Purse

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In many European and South American countries, coins are the primary form of hard currency. Get in touch with your inner Spaniard with the Spanish Coin Purse! This DIY coin pouch has a metal frame that snaps tightly shut so that you never lose another quarter. It’s small enough to fit into any bag or pocketbook with ease. It’s also the perfect size for a ladies’ night out if you want to leave your big shoulder bag at home. It is small but enough for ID or lip stick

Coffee Cup Sleeve

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For all who come from a family of coffee fanatics. So, we give you idea about making a little something to send to to your Mom to surprise her with a homemade present , perfect idea is a holiday themed coffee cup sleeve. It’s a fun gift that’s quick and easy to make, very inexpensive, and fits right into an envelope for easy mailing.

Ribbon Bread Bag

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While baking bread a few weeks ago, we decide to wrap up a loaf and bring it to a friend who had just returned home from an emergency room visit.  But this is a perfect bag to put the bread in. Choose color that will fit your kitchen or wrap with the color and surprise your friend with fresh cooked bread. Everyone will be happy with this kind of gift.

Black Lamp Shade

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You got old lamp in your room and you never use it. Here is the solution, you can decorate or just give it some modern details and it will be like bought new flap. The advantage is that you can choose the color that will perfectly give color of light you desire or just will fit with all decoration in your room.

Gathered Clutcdh

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Spend the next hour making these adorable softies. With cute details, it’s hard to believe you can make the One Hour purse in such short time. Let this easy sewing tutorial show you how.  For the biggest time saver, just skip the divider pocket and card holders! Or add a handle!  The one below I just put in a mini pocket!

Big Colorful Bag

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Use these patterns to sew purses in an hour or less! This one hour bag is easy and versatile enough to take to work, school, the mall, even the gym! Learn how to sew a purse and then make enough for everyone you love. This is certainly a pattern you’ll use repeatedly. Its ease and final product are worth your time and energy. Add this staple DIY pattern into your collection of sewing projects.

Fabric Covered Button

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Upgrade boring old buttons  and the clothes they’re sewn onto by adding a bit of fabric. You’d be surprised how much a cheerful fabric button can spruce up a garment. What’s more, they’re so easy to make and will use up some of that scrap fabric that’s been lying around in your sewing room. You will give shine and live to your old buttons and they will refresh your old clothes also.

5-Minute Skirt

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This super easy to sew skirt is 2 pieces, front and back, cut on the bias. The waistband is FOE (fold over elastic) and the hem is rolled with a serger. You don’t need a serger for this project it just means you will need to hem your skirt the traditional way, which is any way you normally would. Here’s what you need: skirt fabric, FOE (fold over elastic) you need this for the waistband  and a big piece of paper to make your pattern and of course lot of love and effort.

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