Great DIY Gift Ideas

It is a great way to strengthen your bond with friends on special days. Here are some creative and great DIY gift ideas for your friends.


Button Heart. Use some buttons and a striped board to make this beautiful artwork. This creative DIY craftwork is an amazing present for friends. source


Notebook with Felt Cover. The Handmade felt cover makes a notebook cute and distinctive. This unique notebook with adorable cover is a wonderful gift for people who love keeping diaries. source


Gift Card Bouquet. A gift card bouquet is as beautiful as a real flower bouquet. But the card bouquet will never wither like the real one do. So this gift card bouquet is a fabulous present for friends. source


Bags. Bags are frequently used in our daily life. It is a practical gift idea to create a useful personalized bag for your friends. source


Money Balloons. It is a fun and creative way to give money to friends as a birthday gift. And money ballons is very easy and quick to make. source


Paper Flowers. This is an inexpensive and creative present for friends. Your friends can use these gorgeous paper flowers to decorate their room. source


Washi Jape Wall Art. This is a fabulous present for your artsy friends. Create a washi jape wall art with the initial of your friend. source


Coffee Cozy. This DIY crochet coffee cozy makes the best present in the winter for people who are a big fun of coffee. And it’s pretty cool to share a pair of best friend coffee cozies with your best friend. source


Likes Poster. A unique ‘likes poster’ is a great present for your friend. This gift shows how well you know about you friend. source


Crochet Phone Cozy. Create a crochet phone cozy for friends who are very afraid of the cold winters. This crochet phone cozy is a sweet and warm gift for them. source


Photo Book. Pick a few great pictures of you and your good friends to create a distinctive photo book. The personalized book is a very special and meaningful present. source


Lemonade. Give your friends a bottle of lemonade with a personal touch to encourage him when life gives him lemons. This is a great way to support your friend. source


Personalized iPad Case. Create a personalized case for your friends if they have a new iPad. Your friends can show their personalities by the unique case. source


Doily Bowls. Use some doilies to make these beautiful bowls. It is a great gift idea to give your friends such gorgeous and useful doily bowls on special days. source


Sock Snowman. A cute sock snowman makes an awesome present for your girl friends. Recycle your old socks and buttons to create a unique sock snowman for them. source


DIY stud earring holder. If your girl friend has lots of stud earrings, then this DIY stud earring holder is a perfect present for her. It is very thoughtful of you to give friends something that they actually will use. source


Candy Bouquet. Candy bouquet is a creative way to give candies to friends as a present. And it’s super esay to make. source


Leather Pouch. A handmade leather pouch is a very practical present for your girl friends to organize their useful small stuff. Moreover it is not difficult to make. source


Leather Cuff. It takes less than 15 minutes to make this beautiful leather cuff. This cuff is a great gift choice when you do not have much time to prepare presents for friends. source


Cookies. It is an excellent gift idea to make a box of delicious cookies for your foodie friends on their birthdays or other holidays. source

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