Handy DIY Pacifier Clips

If you don’t have a baby, make them for a present for someone who does! They will love you for it!

1. Braided Pacifier Clips 

Live a Little Wilder!

2. Fabric Pacifier Clips 

Viva Veltoro

3. Modern Pacifier Clips 

Laura Radniecki

4. Suede Pacifier Clip

Baby Jungle!

5. Wooden Beads Pacifier Clip 

My Only Sunshine!

6. Ribbon Pacifier Clip 

Johnnie and Angela

7. Patterned Pacifier Clips 

Make It & Love It

8. Pink Pacifier Clip 

Sunshine Shoppe Supply

9. Minimalist Pacifier Clip 

The Merrythought

10. Pacifier Clip with Tags 

Small Fry & Co

11. 5-Minute Pacifier Clip 

How Does She!

12. Colored Beads Pacifier Clips 

A Beautiful Mess!

13. Monochrome Dotted Pacifier Clip

Sew Very Lovely

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