How to Blow Bubbles in Slime


My children really love sensory play, and they are crazy about that slime stuff you can make. But they have played with the basic slime so many times that it was starting to get old. We wanted to find something new we could do that was similar to the slime activity, and then I ran into this video which gave me the best idea ever!

This video teaches you how you can create reusable slime bubbles. What is really cool about it is that it puts a new spin on an old favorite. The slime is as fun as ever, and you can do even more with it. You can also blow really big bubbles—much bigger than you can with traditional bubbles that you buy in a bottle.

And no, don’t worry—your kids cannot pull this stuff up through the straw and poison themselves—the goo is way too thick for that. I was worried about that at first, but I tested it out and sucking the slime up through the straw would be incredibly difficult. It’s a fun, safe, creative activity, and a great way to spend an afternoon. This makes me wonder how many other cool activities there are that you can do with slime. I know this one is going to keep my kids entertained for a long time though! They love to see who can blow the biggest bubbles!

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