How To Customize Light Switch And Outlet Covers

These simple DIY projects might flip your creative switch.

1. Patterned card stock and Mod Podge covers

A Piece of Rainbow!

2. Vintage newspaper outlet

Whimsically Homemade

3. DIY light switch frame

 The Chic Site

4. Fabric covered switch and outlet plates

I Love Fabric

5. Decoupage map plates

Good Housekeeping

6. Gold leaf light switch cover

Sarah Hearts

7. Sticky note pad light cover


8. Patterned washi tape cover

Skip to My Lou

9. Bronze and teal stained glass mosaic cover

Home Design Lover

10. Custom polymer clay outlet cover

Sandy’s Creations in Clay.

11. DIY marbled switch plate covers

 Gina Michele

12. DIY steam punk switch cover

Steampunk Workshop.

13. Colour blocked and fully sparkled cover

Dream a Little Bigger

14. Shoebox power outlet cover

Imana Ismail

15. DIY glitter and resin galaxy covers

Resin Obsession

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