How to Transform an Attic into a Great Room

Check out these 15 finished product photos that will inspire you to make some DIY decor magic in your own attic too!

1. Rustic attic desk space

01-Transform- Attic

Live Well Network suggests adding a comfy rug, a clean desk, and some chairs to a small attic space to create a versatile desk space. Make sure it’s well lit and add some organizational tools like book shelves and black or white boards for note making. Use it for work or make it a quiet place for kids to do homework!
2. Well lit attic office

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If your attic has a skylight or big windows, try creating a well lit office space just like this one by HSS. The sunshine will help you concentrate, especially if you keep the space as clean as it is bright.
3. Attic hammock bed

03-Transform- Attic

This giant hammock bed idea, featured on Best DIY Decor, is the perfect recipe for some rest and relaxation. If you’re handy around the house and feel safe anchoring the hammock into the ceiling yourself, then this is the DIY project for you! The hammock might not be the kind of bed you need for an actual extra bedroom, but it’ll certainly make a cozy, quiet place.
4. Games room

04-Transform- Attic

Sometimes it’s great to have a space meant specifically for hosting guests! Whether you’re hosting the weekly party to watch the game or having friends over to play board games, building a games room dedicated to entertainment is the perfect way to use extra attic space. You can even get fun with decor like DIY Network did without detracting from the aesthetic in the rest of your house.
5. Children’s bunk room

05-Transform- Attic

If your attic space has very short ceilings then it’s perfect for a children’s room! Take Home Portfolio‘s advice and fit a few small beds, sofas, or bunks in so kids can use the space for slumber parties. Little kids are much less likely to bump their heads on low ceilings!
6. Comfy TV room

06-Transform- Attic

This comfy TV room by DIY Network shows you how easily a small attic space can turn into a cozy room for TV marathons or family movie night. Find a squishy couch, a good TV stand, and a soft rug and decorate the rest however you please!
7. Rustic extra bedroom

07-Transform- Attic

Particularly if you live in an old house with large wooden beams, a peaked roof in the attic makes the perfect space for a beautiful, minimalist, and rustic style extra bedroom. Make sure there are lots of blankets and a cozy chair to sit in, just like in this room on Home Edit.
8. Light, quiet room

08-Transform- Attic

Sometimes a home needs a quiet space that’s free from electronics like TVs and computers. Attics rooms are the perfect space for that, especially if they’re bright with good windows! Find a comfy chair and a small bunk and lay out magazines, books, and musical instruments, just like this design from Apartment Therapy.
9. Attic shelving and storage

09-Transform- Attic

Most people’s attics aren’t visited by guests very often, which makes them the perfect place for rooms that might get messy. Home Talk created this adorable Lego storage room with lots of shelving and tub storage to store toys and Lego pieces, but you could copy this idea to create a crafting room or play room instead!
10. Walk in closet room

10-Transform- Attic

Is your regular closet over flowing with clothes and shoes? Does your house have a lot less closet space than what you wish you had? Then it’s definitely time to repurpose your unused attic space into a luxurious closet, just like Miss Royally Tainted Beauty did!
11. Low children’s bunk room

11-Transform- Attic

We’ve already talked about how low ceilings make attic bedrooms great for kids, so why not make it part of the appeal so they can have fun with it? Try a design like this one by Home Portfolio where all the furniture stays low to the ground, right at kid level.
12. Sewing room

12-Transform- Attic

If you’re a sewing enthusiast then you know how much of a mess making garments from scratch can make! Transforming the attic into a sewing room, rather than a room near the main traffic area in your house, keeps that mess out of the way and gives you a private area to work in. We love this attic room with lots of desk space on DIY Network.
13. Attic reading nook

13-Transform- Attic

If your attic room is small enough that a bed doesn’t fit comfortably in it, hope isn’t lost for creating a cozy space. Instead of a bed, try building a window seat with lots of shelving for books, just like this reading nook from Pinterest.
14. Attic “tree house”

14-Transform- Attic

Very small attic spaces are better for novelty sleeping spaces than full on guest bedrooms. We love this idea from Homeozoic for creating a little snoozing, reading, or hangout space that teens will love. Hanging lanterns and bean bag chairs make it feel like a hideout or private tree house.
15. Pool room

15-Transform- Attic

If your attic area has a wide floor space, measure it out to see if a pool or billiards table will fit in the centre and still leave space for some seating around it! This space featured on Decoist makes the perfect space for hosting out of the way of your busy main rooms.

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