How To Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

Avoid the harsh artificial scents provided by chemical packed store bought air fresheners.

Nature has much to offer when it comes to perfuming our home with beautiful aromas. This blog post reveals eleven amazing ways you can create beautiful scents to diffuse around your home.

5 Natural Room Scents – Whether you want the fragrance of citrus, herbs or even a forest in your home, these quick and easy recipes are perfect.

Scented Olive Oil Candles – These fantastic candles are not just great in an emergency but by adding a touch of any essential oil you can have a beautifully scented candle for your home.

Homemade Reed Diffusers – This is one of the easiest home scent DIYs, and requires only a few items which you’ll most likely already have.

Natural DIY Incense – Making your own incense couldn’t be easier and requires no special equipment. This tutorial will explain everything you need to know.

Natural Aroma Simmer Pots – Simmer pots are a super efficient way of making your home smell amazing, by mixing a few ingredients with water and placing them in a pan on the stove. These Mason Jar simmer pots would make beautiful gifts!

How To Make An Herbal Wreath – This is a wonderful way to make your homes sent seasonal, by using whatever herbs are in season you’ll be able to have a fresh clean smell all year round.

Deodorizing Disks – Stop any bad smells in your home at the source with these super easy deodorizing disks, which work perfectly in the bottom of your bin, under your sink, in the bathroom…anywhere they’re needed.

Gel Air Fresheners – These toxin free and allergy safe air fresheners are inexpensive and easy to make, plus you can make them in any color you’d like.

Potpourri – Using natural dry ingredients, which you can make yourself, you can create a fantastic and wonderful smelling potpourri in no time at all, then place it in bowls and spread them about your home.

Natural Ginger Bread Candle – Make your home smell like this fabulous sweet treat and fool everyone into thinking your are an amazing baker with this delicious scent.

Natural Oil Plug-in Refill – Find out how you can refill your plug-in air fresheners using only natural fragrances which will leave your home smelling delightful.

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