Amazing Mosaic Projects for Your Home

1. Create a Mosaic Trivet. Keep your table nice and colorful with this fun neon mosaic project. (Tutorial: Shrimp Salad Circus)


2. Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Light


If you have an old glass table top you could transform it into a gorgeous stained glass mosaic wall light that is both functional and beautiful! (Tutorial: A Piece of Rainbow)

3. Mosaic Tile Framed Mirror


Adding mosaic tiles to the frame in a mosaic pattern is a very simple and inexpensive way to customize a mirror. (Tutorial: Killer B. Designs)

4. Mason Jar Mosaic Backsplash


Made with painted, recycled glass pieces. Absolutely love this! (tutorial: Reality Daydream)

5. Mosaic Flower Pot


Makeover a boring terra cotta flower pot using spray paint and vase filler chips. (Tutorial: Gina Michele)

6. Mirror Mosaic Pencil Holder


This ought to cheer up your desk! (Tutorial: My Little Secrets)

7. Faux Stained Glass Mosaic Luminary


Create this colorful lantern to brighten up long, dark evenings! This would look great indoors but also out on a deck or patio. (Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda)

8. Mosaic Tile Lamp Shade


Make a lamp shade that will bring some style and bling to your home. (Tutorial: Pretty Handy Girl)

9. Create a Mosaic Vase With Eggshells


Such a great idea! I’m definitely saving the eggshells! (Tutorial: Suzy’s Sitcom)

10. Mosaic Picture Frame


Turn styrofoam plates and cardboard into a pretty and colorful picture frame. (Tutorial: Pink Stripey Socks)

11. Mosaic Tray


If you have an old serving tray, give it a makeover with paint and sea glass. (Tutorial: Sand and Sisal)

12. Mosaic Floor


Design a beautiful mosaic floor for your homestead to add creative flair that infuses your personality into your living space. (Step by step tutorial at Instructables)

13. Mosaic Wall


Create a cool, custom wall using colorful scrapbook papers! Tutorial: The Swell Designer)

14. Mosaic Monogram


Made from recycled cardboard box and Dollar Store glass pieces. A simple project with nice results. (Tutorial: Suzy’s Sitcom)

15. Sea Glass Mosaic Tabletop


A mosaic table top can be a nice decorative piece to add to your home. (Tutorial: Instructables)

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