Stylish DIY Sandals For This Summer

How to take your summer sandal style from drab to fab with little to no effort!

1. DIY hand studded strappy sandals

Nona Chewy

2. Pretty tying rainbow ribbon sandals

 Miss Bizzibee

3. DIY ribbon applique sandals

Trinkets in Bloom

4. DIY silk bow sandals

Pretty Designs

5. DIY knee high gladiator sandals

Sweet Teal

6. DIY twisted scarf sandals

That Quirky Girl

7. DIY jewel embellished sandals

More Fashion

8. Hand embellished pom pom sandals

Bang On Style!

9. Super comfy DIY sling sandals

 Down Home Inspiration!

10. DIY huarache running and hiking sandals


11. DIY ankle fringe sandals

 Kremb de la Kremb

12. DIY floral toe sandals

 Good Housekeeping

13. DIY TOMS sandals

Pin Advised

14. DIY tassel sandals

Lauren Conrad

15. Eyelet ruffle flip flops

Trinkets in Bloom

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