The Best DIY Decoupage Projects

You would not believe all the fun DIY possibilities that you’re able to create with decoupage. You can decoupage practically ANYTHING, thrift store finds, frames, photos, etc.

1. Decoupage Napkin Crate 

Girl in the Garage

2. Decoupage Malachite Table 

One Kings Lane

3. Decoupage Marble Chairs 

One Kings Lane

4. Decoupage Plates 

Burlap + Blue!

5. Decoupage Ring Cones 


6. Decoupage Planter 

Hungry Heart!

7. Decoupage Coasters 

It All Started with Paint!

8. Decoupage Knobs 

A Piece of Rainbow

9. Decoupage Tray Magnetic Board 

Sadie Seasongoods!

10. Decoupage Hangers 

Dream a Little Bigger

11. Decoupage Wine Bottles 

The Spruce!

12. Decoupage Shelves

Mod Podge Rocks

13. Decoupage Jenga Keychains 

Sarah Ortega.

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