The Best DIY Indoor Garden Ideas

Growing various kinds of herbs, vegetables, and beautiful flowers in the backyard is pleasing. You can enjoy the backyard landscaping while relaxing in your patio. Unfortunately, you are an apartment dweller so you don’t have any backyard. What a bummer!

Herb Garden:

Image: columbusima

Teapot Garden:


Old Bulb Garden:

Image: woohome

Indoor Herb Garden:

Image: brookenotonadiet

Tin Can Garden:


Indoor Teapot Planter:

Image: viralcreek

Tea Cup Succulent Garden:

Image: homedit

Herb Planter:

Image: tabipara

Vertical Garden:


Bottle Planters:

Image: naturespath

Concrete Planters:


Pallet Garden:

Image: palletfurnitureplans

DIY Water Garden:

Image: purehome

Succulent Garden:

Image: indulgy

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