Unique DIY Tote Bags

From fashionable to functional, there’s something for everyone in this collection of Unique DIY Tote Bags.

1. Minimalist Tote Bag

Design Sponge

2. Beach Tote Bag

A Field Journal

3. 30-minute Tote Bag


4. T-shirt Tote Bag


5. Shirt & Tie Tote Bag

Make It & Love It

6. Dish Towel Tote Bag

Spool and Spoon!

7. Quote Tote


8. Placemat Tote Bag

Hello Glow

9. Shower Curtain Tote Bag


10. Coffee Sack Tote Bag

The Merry Thought

11. Chevron Tote Bag

Fabric Paper Glue

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