Unique Easter Party Ideas

From the Easter Bunny or egg hunts to chicks or candy, all the things associated with Easter will make your party full of fun.


DIY Easter Party Invitation. Invite guests for your party through these cool Easter invitaion cards. No one can deny the charm and charisma of the invites. source


Easter Bunny Door. What better way to welcome people with a door decorated like a bunny? It’s easy and inexpensive to do and will please your guest for sure. source


Tie the ribbon to the backs of the chairs. It’s a simple yet effective way to decorate dining room chairs for your Easter spring party. source


Easter Centerpiece with Eggs and Flowers. Place flowers in a vase inside wire basket and arrange plastic eggs in between. It’s perfect for an elegant Easter table display. source


Bunny Fold for Napkins. These Easter rabbit shaped napkins are an easy way to dress up napkins on your Easter table which only require a few simple folds. source


Delicious and Colorful Easter eggs. It’s an easy way to twist your deviled egg recipe for Easter. These rainbow colored deviled eggs are an amazing healthy alternative to traditional deviled eggs. source


Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas. Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas! This game is surprisingly easy to set up and so fun for your Easter party. source


Egg and Spoon Race. Have children balance an egg on a spoon and race across the lawn. It’s a fantastic way of keeping the kids and adults entertained at your party. source


Easter Bunny Treat Cups. Make some simple and cute Easter bunny cups for going on easter egg hunts or giving treats in. It’s an easy decoration and DIY gift idea for an Easter party. source


Minion Egg Hunt Game. Each child had to find 4 plastic Minion eggs numbered 1-4, with each numbered egg containing a different prize. source


Glitter Confetti Eggs for Easter Party. These hollowed out Easter eggs are broken over the head of a friend, showering them with confetti and supposedly good luck.source


What’s Inside. Fill the eggs with different things like popcorn kernels and candy. Have the kids try to guess what is inside.source


Bunny Head Fruit Platter. Feeling bogged down with chocolate bunnies and candy coated eggs? A giant bunny head fruit platter is sure to bring a few smiles to your Easter party table.source


Pinata Eggs. Easy to make and packing a wonderful surprise inside, they will surely brighten up your celebration.source


Mod Podged Yarn Easter Egg Garland. Weave some string though these yarn covered Easter eggs and hang it up. It’s perfect for your Easter party decoration.source


Bunny Bean Bag Toss Game. Create cardboard box bunny with big pink pom pom nose, googly eyes and large paper ears. The bean bags are also made like Easter eggs. It’s a great idea for an activity in your Easter party.source


Easter Polka Dot Cake. Decorate both the outside and inside of the cake with a fun dot pattern. It’s a perfect way to end a special Easter dinner, or you can use this technique to make any special occasion cake. source


Yarn Egg Easter Craft. These Easter crafts are fun and easy for kids to make. It’s a great idea for a no-mess activity during Easter parties, class activities or large group gatherings. source


DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss. Set up a simple cardboard Easter bunny bean bag toss game with carrot bean bags. Kids will have fun playing this in party.source


Flower Pretzel Bites. These springtime snackS turned out so beautifully and are perfect for an Easter party.source


Egg Toss. This is a coll outdoor kid game idea for an Easter party. It’s great for your party when your guests feels boring and are looking to get rid of some energy in a fun way. source


Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs. Add these cute little chicks to your Easter dinner menu. These Easter Chick Deviled Eggs are so simple yet they are just so special.source


DIY Egg Popper Tree. Wrap the candy filled poppers like little egg-shaped candies. Hang these up on a tree and let the kids pull and pop, gathering candy as they go. This is a cool and fun Easter egg hunt idea.source


Bunny Hop Race. Attached fluffy yarn tails to the potato sacks or pillowcases. Kids put on bunny ears and hippity hop to the finish line. This nostalgic and fun game is perfect for an Easter party.source


Looking for Easter party games? This Easter bingo game is a fun and creative idea for your Easter celebration. source

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