Unique Shoe Storage Projects

Unique Shoe Storage Projects. They are functional, often have multiple purpose and don’t take much space at all. You need at least one of these solutions at home and you can build it yourself. Take A look.

Wall-Mounted Shelves And Racks

Other Creative Shoes Storage Ideas

Under The Stairs Storage

Pull-Out Drawers Of Various Sizes

If you have some space in your closet, make vertical pull-out drawers for storing shoes and other things. Attic space? Use the space under the eaves! Make some pull-out drawers right inside to make this usually dead space usable.

Ladder Shoe Displays

If you have an old ladder, you can easily repurpose it into a shoe shelf. Sand it, paint it and place in your closet or entryway. It looks cool and is very comfortable in using. Yes, they take some floor space but you can use all the shelves and the space under it, too.

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