15 DIY Baby Gate Plans

To protect child against climbing on stairs you can install baby gates. We introduce you some great DIY baby gates ideas.

1. DIY Fabric Baby Gate | Tutorial: ejay-curlygirl.blogspot.com

2. Half Doors Instead of Baby Gates | More details: kellyraeroberts.com

3. DIY Industrial Baby Gate | Tutorial: simplydesigning.porch.com

4. Make a Baby Gate From an Old Wood Door | Tutorial: snapguide.com

5. A Safety Baby Gate For a High Built Deck | Tutorial: bowerpowerblog.com

6. Cut Out a Little Section at the Bottom that Acts as The Cat Door | Tutorial: typicallysimple.com

7. Pallet Wood Baby Gate | Tutorial: ithinkwecouldbefriends.com

8. Use Heavy Duty Plexi-glass In a Baby Gate | Tutorial: chrislovesjulia.com

9. DIY Baby Gate Made Of PVC Pipes | Tutorial: yourmodernfamily.com

10. Use Regular 1×2 Poplar Wood Slabs To Build a Baby Gate | Tutorial: blueantstudio.blogspot.com

11. Take some bias tape, cord bundlers and fabric to make your baby gate | Tutorial: thediyplaybook.com

12. Make a Custom Built Baby Gate | Tutorial: pbjstories.com

13. Baby gate looks perfectly traditional and rustic in the final looks | Tutorial: wilkerdos.com

14. DIY Dutch Barn Door Baby Gate | Tutorial: remodelaholic.com

15. The Little Red Door – Baby Gate | Tutorial: thegirlswithglasses.com

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