15 Simple Origami Butterfly Tutorials To Spread Your Wings

This collection is perfectly crafted for beginners and seasoned crafters alike, offering a serene and engaging way to create beautiful paper butterflies.

Each tutorial is carefully detailed, providing clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure you can fold with confidence and ease. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, add a unique touch to gift wrapping, or engage in a peaceful crafting session, these origami butterflies are the perfect project.

With designs ranging from simple to slightly more intricate, you’ll enjoy a variety of aesthetic styles and techniques that celebrate the elegance and simplicity of origami. Discover the joy and satisfaction of transforming a simple piece of paper into a stunning work of art, and let your creativity take flight!

1. Easy DIY 2 Minutes Origami Butterfly

Creative Jewish Mom

2. Make Your Own Origami Butterfly


3. How to Fold Origami Butterfly


4. DIY Origami Butterfly – Step by Step Instructions

The Craftaholic Witch‘s

5. Make Your Own Origami Butterfly

Mommy Made That,

6. How to Make Your Own Origami Butterfly


7. How to Do You Make Origami Butterfly

Gathering Beauty

8. Simple DIY Origami Butterflies

Mad in Crafts

9. How to Make Origami Butterfly

Made with Happy‘s

10. Super Easy DIY Origami Butterfly

Karen B

11. Cute Origami Butterfly in 3 Minutes

Christine’s Crafts

12. Giant DIY Origami Painted Butterfly

Pink Stripey Socks

13. Making Origami Paper Butterfly for Spring

Playfully, Jaclyn Uloth


14. Handmade Origami Butterfly for Kids

Cut Out + Keep

15. Quick DIY Origami Butterfly at Home


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