20 Amazing Christmas Card Ideas

Every winter, our mailboxes are overflowing with envelopes conveying warm wishes and seasonal greetings. The yearly Christmas cards we get, from hideous outfits to matching flannel pajamas, can often be lacking in inventiveness.

If you’re searching for a unique way to spread holiday happiness this season, we’ve compiled a list of the finest DIY Christmas cards that are sure to amaze your friends and family.

1. Easy Christmas Card Ideas

complete instructions on our website

2. Threaded Ribbon DIY Christmas Cards

Mum in the Mad House!

3. Popsicle and Pipe Cleaner Trees – Homemade Christmas Cards

Paper Origami & Crafts!

4. Santa Hat Christmas Card Designs

Mum in the Mad House tutorial

5. Paper Snowman Christmas Card Making

Fireflies and Mudpies!

6. 3D Paper Tree – Handmade Christmas Cards

One Little Project.

7. Pop-Up Rudolph Card – Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

Red Ted Art!

8. Popsicle Stick Snowmen – Cute Christmas Cards

Artsy Craftsy Mom!

9. Pop-Up Tree – Funny Christmas Card Ideas

Red Ted Art!

10. Moose with Hanging Ornaments – Christmas Card Ideas Drawing


11. The Entire Family Closed Their Eyes – Christmas Card Photo Ideas

My Organized Chaos!

12. Paper Tree with Buttons – Homemade Christmas Card Ideas

Mum in the Mad House

13. An Ornament Made from Rhinestones – Make Your Own Christmas Cards

We Heart It!

14. Snowy Village – Cute Christmas Card Ideas

White House crafts.

15. Paper Quilling Tree – Beautiful Christmas Cards

Artsy Craftsy Mom.

16. Yarn-Laced Tree Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Danya Banya!

17. 3D Paper Globe – Christmas Card Ornaments

Easy Peasy and Fun!

18. Pop-Up Gnomes – DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Red Ted Art!

19. Reindeer – Christmas Card Ideas for Kids

Non-Toy Gifts!

20. Penguin – Christmas Card Ideas

Red Ted Art!

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