Amazing DIY Tutus

If you are interested in learning how to make a tutu dress, and you don’t know how to sew, then we have 25 different tutu costume ideas for you to choose from.

1. Classic


DIY Network will show you the easy steps to take when making a simple, classic tutu for either you or your little one to enjoy – whether it’s for fun or for a specific costume!

2. Lightweight


Over at The Girl Inspired you can learn how to make a lighter weight tutu. It’s feminine and we’re loving the sequin belt embellishment on this design.

3. Fluff


Here’s a no-sew tutorial that will help you learn how to make an extra fluffy tutu skirt. Check it out at DIY Ready.

4. Multi


Heart Break Kids has a tutorial for a tutu skirt too but this one is multi-colored! If you’re looking for something with extra personality, this is it!

5. Race


For those that need a tutu for their next big race, we’re got the perfect feature for you top grab. It’s a no sew design too, catch it at Shrinking Jeans.

6. Boutique


And if you’re looking for a tutu that’s a bit more prim and proper, check out how to make a boutique styled skirt over at House of Coleman. We love that ribbon finish!

7. Ball Gown


You can even learn how to make a tutu that resembles a fairy-tale ball gown. Check out the details at The Hair Bow Company.

8. Ballerina


Classic ballerina tutus are fun too. Learn how to create one for your little one or even for yourself over at Anjou.

9. Full


If you’re on the search for something more full, then check out the details over at Living Well Spending Less. Your little gal will feel like a princess in no time.

10. Bubble


U Create gives us a more innovative tutu design with lots of personality and texture. Bubbles and layers of lots of fun can be found here!

11. Barbie


You can even make a tutu for your Barbie if you’re feeling up to it. MomDot gives us the scoop on this fun and stylish afternoon project.

12. Adult


Love To Sew has a great tutu tutorial for us as well. It’s for adults and can be used for costumes or for the dance studio.

13. Frozen


If you’re a fan of Frozen … in particularly Elsa … then you’ll want to run over to Bombshell Bling. Grab all the details on how to whip up an Elsa tutu dress in no time.

14. Petti


For instructions on making a vintage-style pettiskirt hop on over to Make it Love it. The tutu-inspired is so full of life!

15. Bow


All Day Chic added a back bow to their tutu design. Mix and match colors and have an entirely collection whipped up for your little gals.

16. Cheap


Frugality is Free gives us a super inexpensive way to create a tutu. Don’t break the bank when you’re working on your next weekend project.

17. Scraps


DIY Network shows us how to make a tutu skirt out of old fabric scraps. This is a great upcycling project that you’ll feel proud of.

18. American Girl


If you’ve got a little one that loves her American Girl doll, you may want to teach her how to make a tutu skirt for it with help from Simple Simon and Company.

19. Sweet


Rookie makes a really sweet tutu that you can adapt for yourself or the little ones of the house. Play princess or ballerina in this charming little design.

20. Pom Pom


You could always check out Mood Kids and learn how to make a tutu skirt filled with colorful pom poms. This may be my favorite on the list!

21. Flower Girl


Rave and Review makes a flower girl-inspired tutu dress that’s we’re swooning for as well. There’s lots of unique texture here too!

22. Fun


Over at Treasures For Tots you’ll find a great diy for a super fun tutu skirt. It’s shorter and has a bit of sass sewn into its design.

23. Dress


Pretty Prudent shows us how to make the perfect tutu dress for playing dress-up! Pick your colors and get to work!

24. Mid


And if you decide to visit Pretty Prudent again, you’ll want to snag this DIY as well. Learn how to make a mid-length design!

25. No Sew


Simply Real Moms gives us another super easy way to try your hand at tutu making. Check out the details and make something sassy this weekend!

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