25 Valentine’s Day Crafts For Adults And Couples

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with 25 crafty projects tailored for adults and couples. Have fun creating together and add a personal touch to your celebrations.

1. Handmade Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine’s Day card ideas

2. Valentine card display

Design Improvised

3. Love coupons

Sarah Hearts

4. Date idea arrows

Sugar and Cloth

5. Twig monogram

making a twig monogram

6. Paper flowers

making Valentine’s Day paper flowers.

7. Paper flower balls

crafting a paper flower ball.

8. Geometric heart flower vases

A Kailo Chic Life

9. Valentine branch tree

The House That Lars Built

10. Wooden LOVE sign

making a wooden LOVE sign

11. LOVE letter wood sign

making a LOVE letter wood sign.

12. Hanging ribbon hearts

making hanging ribbon hearts

13. Yarn-wrapped paper hearts

making yarn-wrapped paper hearts.

14. Mini heart string art

making heart string art

15. Button heart wall art

making button heart wall art

16. Felt flower wall art

felt flowers wall art.

17. Pinecone flower wall art

making pinecone flower wall art

18. Canvas heart art

Design Improvised , more Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

19. Coffee filter wreath

Over the Big Moon

20. Baby’s breath heart wreath

The House That Lars Built

21. Tassel garland

romantic tassel garland.

22. Jewelry organizer photo frame

jewelry organizer photo frame

23. Wooden photo frame

photo frames out of wood

24. Button picture frame

button picture frame

25. String art photo holder

making a string art photo holder.

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