Awesome DIY Storage Solutions

1 Out-in-the-Open Storage. Out-in-the-Open Storage: Live small and store well: These ideas show you how to get more from your home with creative storage ideas for small spaces. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


2 Gold Writing Canvas Necklace Organizer


Gold Writing Canvas Necklace Organizer: Create a gold writing canvas necklace organizer DIY to hang your fave pieces of jewelry on! A simple gold painted necklace holder that you can personalize! (via Melissa Creates)

3 Upcycled Dip Container Organizers


Upcycled Dip Container Organizers: The other night I was emptying out our refrigerator and throwing out the yucky stuff. I was about to throw away these four little dip containers, but I paused, examined them closer, and realized that they were kinda cute. I had no idea what I would use them for, but an idea emerged soon enough! (via House by Hoff)

4 Rockler helps to add kitchen storage


Rockler helps to add kitchen storage: Happy Wednesday Friends! This last weekend I installed a great organization tool in my kitchen. Here’s what I used: Rockler’s Sink Front Tip-Out Trays drill pencil level What a great way to make those faux sink-front drawers into something useful. You get the full tutorial over at the DIY Club. Technorati Tags: the diy (via Domestically Speaking)

5 Magnetic Spice Rack


Magnetic Spice Rack: If you’d like to find a spice rack to hold all of your different kinds of spices but, you don’t want to buy all new spices, here’s an idea that worked like magic for me : ) (via sbhayes09)

6 Shoebox Charging Station


Shoebox Charging Station (via BugabooAvenue)

7 Scarf Organization


Scarf Organization (via from the desk)

8 Entryway Mirror Makeover


Entryway Mirror Makeover: Sometimes a simple DIY project can turn into something much more complicated than you anticipated. This mirror turned out exactly like I envisioned, but it took (via Tattooed Martha)

9 Cereal Box Drawer Dividers


Cereal Box Drawer Dividers (via IHeart Organizing)

10 Scarf Hanger


Scarf Hanger: A wooden hanger and metal rings to keep your scarves hanging in style. Whether you’ve got a ton or just a few, you’ll want to make this DIY scarf hanger. (via Everyday Dishes & DIY)

11 Entryway Shoe Organizer


Entryway Shoe Organizer: Hey mudrooms, entry-ways, and small apartments this one is for you. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how simple, unoffensive and functional this shoe organizer is. I’m the worst. I wear the same 3 pairs of shoes every day and they are always left by the door. I’m dying for something like this (we installed it… Read More (via Emily Henderson)

12 Framed Earring Organizer


Framed Earring Organizer: Apparently I am a jewelry hoarder…I have an inordinate amount of colorful necklaces and earrings for just about every outfit (and then some!). To me, a great necklace and pair of earrings are like the cherry on top of a sundae of an ensemble.If you remember, I’ve already found a way to wrangle (via Dream Green DIY)

13 Cabinet Door Storage Bin


Cabinet Door Storage Bin: Bring order to the chaotic and cluttered areas of your home with these can-do solutions for creating well-edited and well-organized spaces that will stay that way. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

14 Gold Pipe Hanging Storage


Gold Pipe Hanging Storage: Get organized with this DIY Gold Industrial Rail System which is perfect for hanging storage in a creative workspace! upcycledtreasures (via Mountain Modern Life)

15 Wooden Crate Footstool


Wooden Crate Footstool: A tutorial on how to create a footstool from a vintage wooden crate. (via Hearts and Sharts)

16 Yarn Storage


Yarn Storage: As I’m sure my fellow crochet and yarn enthusiasts can relate, it is difficult finding ways to store yarn. When new projects, ideas, or patterns come along, there always seems to be a need to buy more yarn and different colours, and our stashes continue to grow and grow! I myself used to store my yarn in a nice box, but it soon became brimming with yarn and I found myself just storing them in bags around my workspace. This made it difficult finding particular yarns and colours as I would have to rummage through my box and bags, and I would often forget what I already had in my stash! Two years ago I blogged about my workspace HERE and showed this picture of it below: It is not quite as clean and immaculate as it once was (understatement of the year!) since Myla and I play in here and it is now filled with children’s books, puzzles and toys. I really enjoy being in my workspace as it is filled with natural light during the day and it came with some built-in shelving units that are great for storage! (via All About Ami)

17 Stackable Storage Bins


Stackable Storage Bins (via The Orderly Home)

18 Small Mesh Stacking Shelf


Small Mesh Stacking Shelf: Small Mesh Stacking Shelf at Store. Use this handy folding shelf inside your kitchen cupboards to create extra storage space. (via A Place for Everything)

19 Back of Door Storage


Back of Door Storage: Live small and store well: These ideas show you how to get more from your home with creative storage ideas for small spaces. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

20 Hanging Laundry Hamper


Hanging Laundry Hamper: Were you wondering where we hid the hamper in our little girls nursery? Well, wonder no more! (Or perhaps I’m being presumptuous, and you weren’t wondering at all in which case, feel free to read on anyways!) I sort of ran out of floor space in the nursery, so when I found this idea for (via Making Nice in the Midwest)
21 Organizing a Laundry Closet


Organizing a Laundry Closet (via Waffling)

22 Bijoux Sofa Organizer


Bijoux Sofa Organizer: Hi! Lauv here. I hope you enjoyed my last quilt block post. Today Im here with a simple and useful tutorial. Summer is here and kids are home from school. Ive noticed that the house tends to get a bit… (via Art Gallery Fabrics)

23 Toy Sacks


Toy Sacks: I don’t know about you, but I am sick of toys everywhere. We try and have a good toy clean out every few months and get rid of broken or unused toys each time. My kids aren’t really into toys they will tip the toy bins out and sift through them every now and then but when it comes to hard-core playing they are really only into certain things. For Oscar it used to be his train set but now it is Lego, Lego, Lego. At the moment Lil loves to draw and play with play dough. If she is playing with toys it is usually Duplo, dress ups or dolls. Tommy is happy to chew on what ever the other two have lying around! Ive come to realize that they are happier playing with sets of toys rather than just random bits and pieces so I am slowly trying to eliminate the toys that don’t get played with much to reduce clutter. We encourage them to play with toys that promote creativity, problem-solving and imagination. Toy storage is something that I struggle with. Ive gone from clear plastic boxes with lids to big flexible round tubs to a wooden blanket (via Make It Perfect)

24 Gold Pencil Holder


Gold Pencil Holder: Day 4 of our Anthropologie Knock Off Challenge continues. Today I’m showing how easy and quick it is to create a gold desk organizer for only $3 (vs. the $48 for Anthro’s version). (via View from the Fridge)

25 Gift Wrap Organizer


Gift Wrap Organizer: How to make a gift wrap organizer and store gift wrap so it is accessible when you need it while providing a bit of color to a crafts area in a home | In My Own Style (via In My Own Style)

26 Add hanging baskets to a pot rail for even more extra storage


Add hanging baskets to a pot rail for even more extra storage (via The Kitchn)

27 Easy Hanging Sewing Organizer


Easy Hanging Sewing Organizer (via Francisca Mateus)

28 Hexagon Shelf


Hexagon Shelf: I love hexagons, whether in a honeycomb, on a quilt, or in this case as a wall shelf. Bringing the hexagon trend to your humble abode is easier (via Jennifer Perkins)

29 Rolling Toy Storage Crates


Rolling Toy Storage Crates: How to build simple rolling toy storage crates on colorful casters. (via Teal and Lime by Jackie Hernandez)

30 Open Pantry Organization


Open Pantry Organization: Open Pantry Organization (via The Decor Fix)

31 Industrial Chic Garment Rack


Industrial Chic Garment Rack: Loft Style: DIY Industrial Chic Garment Rack. Overflowing closet? Need guest room storage? How about a rolling rack in the laundry room? Make this industrial-modern garment rack using plumbing pipes and a pre-cut wood board from your local hardware store. No problem! This garment rack is a Continue reading (via eHow)

32 Canvas Baskets


Canvas Baskets: Patterned Canvas Basket for Anthro-Knock Off Challenge Week (via life in velvet)

33 Frame Organizer


Frame Organizer: Sew a fabric binder that folds into an “A” shaped frame and has pockets. Perfect for storing everything! (via Haberdashery Fun)

34 Stuffed Animal Swing Hanging Toy Storage


Stuffed Animal Swing Hanging Toy Storage: Tweet Pin It Ive spent some time hunting for a good organization system for my boys stuffed animals. Ive seen hammocks which hang in a corner of the room (wont work because there’s no free corner in their bedroom) and large custom built stuffed animal zoos ($200+) and bookshelves with dowels running down the (via It’s Always Autumn)

35 Cord and Hose Hooks


Cord and Hose Hooks: If you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around your garage, then you’re probably knocking over bikes and tripping over building materials more than you’d like. Check out this collection of clever, simple, low-cost garage storage tips that will instantly get your bikes, tools, construction materials and lawn equipment off the floor and out from under foot. (via Family Handyman)

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