Lighting Ideas That’ll Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Whatever your style, you don’t need to cut into your summer getaway budget to realize your dream patio, deck, garden, terrace–whatever outdoor space you call your own. Between the warm breeze, cold drinks and great music, it’s all so… summery. But once the sun goes away, the party doesn’t have to stop — so long as you have a little radiance to guide everyone to more fun. Here are 10 DIY backyard lighting ideas that’ll transform your outdoor decor (and perhaps even keep the mosquitos away).

Candle Lantern


This clever lantern is super cheap to make and requires very little effort. It will create ambient lighting for any garden occasion. Make a cluster of them and create a real centre piece.

Jar Solar Lamp


No need for batteries or electric, after the initial investment, these are powered purely by the SUN. You could even get your hands on some coloured mason jars and experiment with colours.

Ice Lentern


These cool ice lanterns not only provide light for your back yard get together, but also a lovely winter scent. They look stunning too! They turned out to be beautiful and were welcoming on a crisp, cold night!

Paper Star Lanterns


These will make any old space feel enchanted and beautiful. You don’t have to have a massive back yard for these, they would make the smallest of patio’s look incredible. Why not hang them high in a tree to get a dramatic effect.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches


These funky tiki torches are dead simple to make, and can make great outside lighting around your patio or table. By using left over wine bottles, you are recycling too!

Twine Ball Light Garland


This fun craft idea can be tailored to your own tastes and would look great hung up around the garden table or in a tree. They would be perfect for a casual wedding! Find yarn in your wedding colors and create these yarn ball lights for custom colored garland lighting!

Glowing Outdoor Orbs


All you need is Opaque glass shades from a second hand shop and some Christmas lights to make these incredible glass orbs. Dot a few around the garden and they will create the most perfect glowing effect.

Sun Jar Lights


These are another version of the DIY about solar powered lights in mason jars, this particular post details how to make the light more ambient and look like a delicate glowing sun.

Cupcake Lights


This neat idea only needs two materials, some fairy lights or bulbs and some cute cup cake cases from your kitchen cupboard. Perfect for an outside party.

Wine Glass Candle Lightshades


These can be scattered across the table and will make original tones and shades of light. Why not get creative and design these as you like, whether that be painting, stencilling or printing.

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