10 Amazing DIY Mason Jar Lamp Ideas

The DIY potential is limitless with mason jars, and one popular DIY that can be done with this versatile household item in DIY mason jar lights. Because of their shape and structure, mason jars form great holders for lights and can be customized in a number of ways to look good.

1. Vintage Mason Jar Lamp


2. Bird Nest Mason Jar DIY Lamp

beautiful lampshadeconsumercrafts

3. How to Make Mason Jar Table Lamp


4. DIY Mason Jar Lamp

make a lamp . instructables

5. How to Make a Fall Mason Jar Lamp


6. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

DIY oil lamp ,planttherapy

7. Mason Jar Nursery Lamp


8. Mason Jar Pipe Lamp

DIY lamp plan , instructables

9. 2 Minute Mason Jar Jellybean Lamp


10. Mason Jar Aquarium Lamp For Kids


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