35 Homemade Dog Toys for Endless Fun

Unleash the fun with our vibrant guide to ’35 DIY Dog Toys to Keep Your Pup Entertained’. This collection is crafted to spark joy in your furry friend, providing endless hours of play and stimulation. Each project is designed with your dog’s happiness and safety in mind, using materials that are likely already in your home. From chew toys to interactive puzzles, these DIY toys cater to all levels of canine curiosity and energy. Our guide is packed with step-by-step instructions, making it easy for pet owners to create fun, durable toys that are much cheaper than store-bought alternatives. Engage your dog’s natural instincts and strengthen your bond with these creative, budget-friendly toys that promise to keep tails wagging.

1. Feeder Toy

Dog Tipper.

2. Soft Chew Toy

Real Housewives of MN

3.Water Bottle in a T-Shirt

Ammo The Dachshund!

4. Tennis Ball Braid

Simply Shellie.

5. Braided T-Shirt

Bark Post

6. Octopus

Ammo the Dachshund’s blog.

7. Rope and Sweet Potato Chew Toy


8. Puzzle Treat

Dog Eared.

9. Spider Rope


10. Prey Stick

April Rodriguez on YouTube

11. Knotted Toys


12. Tennis Ball With Treats

Romp Rescue.

13. Indestructible Ring


14. Denim No Sew Toys

Sew Historically.

15. Pull Toy

Club Dogue

16. Fox Tail


17. Denim Knots

some old jeans

18. Treat Popsicles

popsicle-style treat.

19. Rope Bone


20. Treat Mat

Dogs Home

21. Frozen Chew Toy


22. Slingshot Ball

Let’s make one of these things

23. T-Shirt Frisbee

The tutorial

24. Cereal Box with Treats

Place some of your pup’s favorite treats

25. Fishing Pole

It’s super easy to make

26. No Sew Dog Toy


27. Treat Puzzle

3 Lost Dogs.

28. Fleece Loop


29. Squeaky Dog Toy

This YouTube tutorial

30. Knotted Towel


31. Tilt Board

Fitness with Fido.

32. Rope Ball

Hands Occupied

33. Tennis Ball Tug

instructions here.

34. Bottle Spinner

clip from Eveline Poot

35. Ball Pit

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