Bird Crafts for Kids

Curly birds tutorial – Handmade funny birds will be your kids favourite play. Choose the most loud colors and make it! Clik for the tutorial–>
DIY bird feeder from milk box

It’s an easy and useful artifact, what you will enjoy to built it together. Just collect some milk box for the bird feeder house. Let’s see how it goes–>


Homemade bird feeder

This feeder is made from bird seeds. On february month is important to feed the birds because of the cold. Have a good time together with your children. This tutorial includes a video too about the prepair. Let’s see the video–>


Angry bird crafts and game

Angry birds are tiny little sweet birds, whoes are nowadays the favourits of the kids. This idea is good for birthsday parties or pyjama parties. See the steps–>


Bird puppets tutorial

Just for kids! Enjoy the summer holiday, organize your own puppet and create the puppets by yourself. It will be the greatest fun. Puppets by you tutorial–>


Homemade bird marionette

It’s easy to have fun with this homemade bird marionette. You just have to choose the colour we in turn show you how could you prepare it. Let’s have fun here–>


Bird’s nest tutorial

Kids like the creative things like drawings, cutings, stickings and so on. This tutorial include all of them. See how can you make the nest–>


DIY bird’s bath craft

In the summer birds need to have a bath. Childrens will enjoy to make the bird bath and after it they can see how can a bird have a bath! Step by step–>


Birds on a wire tutorial

To have fun in the childrens room you need to have birds on a wire. The younger ones will love to watching it for all days. See how can you make it–>


Angry birds bookmark tutorial

If your children starts to read books, let’s make together bookmarks from his/her favourite angry birds figures. Let’s do it–>

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