10 Crazy Fun Paper Craft Projects

Our kids love paper crafting so much that we’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a list of good ideas bookmarked so we can pull a new craft out any time we please!

1. Origami mermaid

Pink Stripey Socks

2. Watercolour paper napkin bouquet

Red Tricycle

3. Colourful paper plate dragons

Pink Stripey Socks

4. Origami transformers

What Do We Do All Day

5. Modular origami bracelets

Paper Kawaii

6. Giant paper airplanes

Fireflies and Mud Pies

7. Paper bag apple tree

Creative Jewish Mom

8. Royal paper crown

 First Palette

9. Tie dye style crumpled paper art

Buggy and Buddy

10. Homemade harvest herb paper

 Babble Dabble Do

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