10 DIY Decor Pieces

If you’re interested in decorating your home to look more like a log cabin, or you’re looking for log cabin décor for yourself, consider any of these decorating ideas for log homes to get you started.

1. Copper + Wood Side Table

Look What I Made.

2. Wood Plank Cross Stitch

Make it & Love it

3. Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar Crafts

4. Grapevine Wreath

At Home With the Barkers

5. Farmhouse Rods

Love Grows Wild

6. Dowel Ladder

The Merrythought

7. Wood-Sliced Mirror


8. Jarred Centerpiece

Love Grows Wild.

9. Cotton Stems

Meet Our Life.

10. Sconce Light

Shanty 2 Chic.

11. Custom Wood Signs

Thistle Wood Farms

12. Floating Shelves

Ella Claire.

13. Birch Coasters

Dans le Lakehouse.

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